The Legend of Mick Dodge - Episode List

Season 2

22Feb 17, 2015Road Trip
21Feb 10, 2015The Great Games
20Feb 3, 2015Forest Feast
19Feb 3, 2015Down in the Mouth
18Jan 27, 2015To Catch a Thief
17Jan 27, 2015Forest Wine
16Jan 20, 2015Forest Gold
15Jan 20, 2015Manhunt
14Jan 20, 2015A Dollar Short
13Jan 13, 2015Independence Day
12Jan 13, 2015Stairway to Heaven
11Jan 6, 2015Super Moon
10Jan 6, 2015Native Medicine
9Dec 30, 2014The Legend Lives
8Oct 28, 2014Storm Surge
7Oct 21, 2014Mission to Main Street
6Oct 14, 2014School of the Wild
5Oct 14, 2014Food Run
4Oct 7, 2014Naked and Unafraid
3Oct 7, 2014Man Down
2Sep 30, 2014Call to Arms
1Sep 30, 2014The Legend Returns

Season 1

12Feb 11, 2014Winter is Coming
11Feb 11, 2014The Harvest
10Feb 4, 2014Out of the Wild
9Feb 4, 2014Midnight Ambush
8Jan 28, 2014Pacific Pilgrimage
7Jan 28, 2014Passing the Torch
6Jan 21, 2014Gabu Is Gone
5Jan 21, 2014Forest Under Siege
4Jan 14, 2014Mending Mick
3Jan 14, 2014Hunger Pains
2Jan 7, 2014Trading Up
1Jan 7, 2014Meet the Legend


SpecialSep 1, 2015Foot Notes: Food Run
SpecialSep 1, 2015Foot Notes: School of the Wild
SpecialAug 25, 2015Foot Notes: Naked and Unafraid
SpecialAug 25, 2015Foot Notes: Man Down
SpecialAug 18, 2015Foot Notes: Mission to Main Street
SpecialAug 18, 2015Foot Notes: Road Trip
SpecialAug 11, 2015Foot Notes: Storm Surge
SpecialAug 11, 2015Foot Notes: Stairway to Heaven
SpecialAug 4, 2015Foot Notes: A Dollar Short
SpecialAug 4, 2015Foot Notes: Super Moon
SpecialAug 4, 2015Foot Notes: Native Medicine
SpecialAug 4, 2015Foot Notes: Call to Arms
SpecialJul 28, 2015Foot Notes: Manhunt
SpecialJul 28, 2015Foot Notes: Forest Wine
SpecialJul 28, 2015Foot Notes: To Catch a Thief
SpecialJul 28, 2015Foot Notes: Independence Day
SpecialJul 21, 2015Foot Notes: Forest Feast
SpecialJul 21, 2015Foot Notes: The Great Games
SpecialJul 21, 2015Foot Notes: Down in the Mouth
SpecialJul 21, 2015Foot Notes: The Legend Returns
SpecialMay 5, 2015Foot Notes: Promise to Dad
SpecialMay 5, 2015Foot Notes: Running on Empty
SpecialApr 28, 2015Foot Notes: Home Invasion
SpecialApr 28, 2015Foot Notes: The Modern World
SpecialFeb 17, 2015Foot Notes: Hunker Down
SpecialFeb 10, 2015Foot Notes: Dogcatcher
SpecialFeb 3, 2015Foot Notes: Master and Student
SpecialJan 27, 2015Foot Notes: Sick Mick
SpecialJan 13, 2015Foot Notes: Art of the Trade
SpecialJan 6, 2015Foot Notes: River Run
SpecialSep 30, 2014The Dodge Way of Life
SpecialDec 25, 2013The Legend Begins