The ability to rate an episode on "watchlist" or calendar.

Brantank wrote 8 days ago:

Even on popular shows with tons of followers the episodes get like 5 ratings. I believe this is caused by the ratings being kinda a mini hassle to get to (most people only use watchlist or calendar, i suspect). To have 10 stars on the calendar might be too much but it might fit on the watchlist page. What do you think?

JuanArango wrote 8 days ago:

I agree with you and I think there might be something similar to come :)

gazza911 wrote 7 days ago:

Just to let you know, you can rate episodes in the Premium Weekly Calendar (as listed in this blog).

I imagine if it was added to the Monthly Calendar that it would only be shown when you click the arrowhead to view the acquired/watched/skipped buttons.

Jan wrote 5 days ago:

Hi guys,
Yes, it's planned to be added at some point in the future.