QI XL .... What's (not) going on?

BazzaG wrote a month ago:

Might be a bit of a long shot ... but doesn't anyone have any idea why the BBC is not broadcasting the remaining QI XL episodes?

I know they have always been behind the short version and at the start of the most recent season the XL episodes were 3 weeks behind but up until now the BBC has at least broadcast XL episodes within a few weeks of the "normal" episode going to air.

The ABC (AU) which is currently broadcasting the 'P' series on Wednesday night (on their primary channel) has dropped the XL episodes entirely ... in the past the XL episode was broadcast on ABC2/Comedy channel the following night.

bungle wrote a month ago:

indeed the bbc need to get it together in airing these. But long story short, it returns May apparently..

BazzaG wrote a month ago:

Thanks, lets hope so.

bungle wrote 17 days ago:

yeah fingers crossed now it keeps a steady schedule for the rest of the series. ;)

BazzaG wrote 16 days ago:

Me too