episode list truncated

bungle wrote 3 months ago:

I noticed for some shows the episode list can be quite long for a number of seasons before the earlier ones will get truncated. on some other shows however, the episode list gets truncated after just one season. the duck tales reboot on Disney for example, there are currently only two seasons and one of which is hidden.

is there a reasoning behind this - or is it just a weird glitch in the matrix? :D

gazza911 wrote 3 months ago:

Shows that are aired daily will show as truncated after 2 seasons (or at least less than normal) I believe.

bungle wrote 3 months ago:

ah that explains it. thx guys! :)

gazza911 wrote 20 days ago:

bungle wrote:
it seems to be happening for shows scheduled to air weekdays too.

take a look at the episodes on this show for example:

https://www.tvmaze.com/shows/3156/father-brown ;)

When it truncates (for whatever reason), it only shows the last 2 seasons.

That show has 2 seasons with no episodes yet (seasons 8 & 9) so unfortunately no episodes show in the truncated list.

bungle wrote 20 days ago:

thanks for explaining gazza, I didn't notice a season 8 + 9. :D

david wrote 14 hours ago:

I finally tweaked the episodelist truncation to be more flexible. All should be well now, if not please open a new thread :)