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Batch Add Episode Info

Alastor wrote 16 days ago:

Is there any way at all one is able to batch add episode info for a show?

For example the show Season 1 has no episode info as opposed to TVDB.

JuanArango wrote 16 days ago:

No sorry, this has to be added manually.

gazza911 wrote 16 days ago:

To clarify, it's possible for Trusted Contributors and higher to import some information from thetvdb.

However, there's no way for anyone to edit multiple episodes at once.

Alastor wrote 16 days ago:

Alright thanks for that. It is far too tedious to do on a per episode basis. I have done it a few times and it is very vexing.

I do have a php tool to get what I need but it is a shame I cannot batch add it here too.

See the difference?

gazza911 wrote 16 days ago:

The factual information (name, airdate, airtime, episode number) of episodes can be imported from thetvdb for Trusted Contributors.

The summaries however won't be imported.

Batch editing isn't likely to be done (and neither is the import likely to be available to all contributors).

tnt wrote 16 days ago:

gazza911 wrote:
Batch editing isn't likely to be done

I'm curious, is there any particular reason for that?

On the topic: on tvdb there's no indication of the source of information. The summaries, for example, easily could be taken from the sources which are not allowed per TVmaze copyright policy.