'All That' episode titles

Magitroopa wrote 18 days ago:

This is regarding Nickelodeon's 2019 revival of All That.

How should the titles go? Originally they were the titles used on Futon Critic, which is actually the production code of the episodes as well. As I just posted in the edit requests thread:

Magitroopa wrote:
Yeah, it's weird with this series- Nickelodeon themselves are actually listing it by those titles though (Nick app, Nick TV schedule) and their scripts are titled "Week 11##"

Also then comes into play that it didn't go 1107, 1108, 1109, 1110, 1111, it went 1107, 1108, 1111, 1110, 1109- which then their number would pair up with said episode in the Nick app to watch. So technically then the episodes didn't even air in production order, which I would think makes the "Episode 1" etc. a bit confusing.

The other source, Zap2it, doesn't use titles, but I would think if Nickelodeon is using those as the titles in the app and their schedule on their website, it would make sense to use that.

For example, someone wants to view the Bryce Vine episode because of him or something- airing order, it is episode 9, which is currently the title here now. However, it is actually episode "1111", which is what should then be clicked in the Nick app. However, because it's titled episode 9 here, one might think then that his episode is the one titled "1109". So yeah, makes it a bit confusing to understand not using those titles, I personally think.

JuanArango wrote 18 days ago:

Does Nick do this with other shows too or is this an exception?

Magitroopa wrote 18 days ago:

First, want to point out that Nickelodeon lists the episodes by their title/production code on both YouTube and Amazon.

JuanArango wrote:
Does Nick do this with other shows too or is this an exception?

In regards to this, I think there would be three things to look at:

1. Saturday Night Live

-Episodes are titled "Host/Musical Guest": would really not work for this because both the June 15 and November 2 have the Jonas Brothers as the musical guest, and there is no 'host' for All That episodes

-Similar in the sense that both are sketch-comedy shows, but completely different age demographics and two different networks

2. Original 'All That' series

-The original series that this 2019 revival/reboot originates from

-On TVMaze, uses the musical guest as the episode title, but the problem above comes into play here too regarding the Jonas Brothers

-On Amazon is just listed as "Episode ###", but Nickelodeon has certainly changed stuff since the 90's

3. America's Most Musical Family

-New Nickelodeon series, premiering tomorrow night actually

-Currently uses "Episode 1" as the title, with production code 104

-Episode titles can certainly change (and yes, may stay the same)- Nickelodeon has nothing past November 3 on their TV schedule, and Futon Critic has yet to update with Nickelodeon's November 2019 premieres

JuanArango wrote 17 days ago:

it seems there is no right or wrong here, it just seems a bit odd to me to muse production titles as the ep titles, but as they do it on there schedule, so let it be :)