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Disney XD missing from schedule

RobertMcGirr wrote 18 days ago: 1

I have noticed that no Disney XD programs have been listed in the schedule for over 2 weeks.

Is there a reason they have been omitted or were you not aware?

Thank you

tnt wrote 18 days ago: 2

Is there any show currently running on XD?

UPD it appears that only show currently running on XD is Big Hero 6, and our listings somehow are not correct. Will look into it now, thanks for a heads-up.

UPD2 the show moved premieres from Disney Channel to XD, with re-airs on Disney Channel a week later. But according to Season Consistency rule of TVmaze policy airdates in a season must follow the source with the most amount of premieres, and DC premiered 17 of 23 episodes.

tl;dr it seems there's no shows currently premiering on Disney XD, hence there's nothing to list in the schedule.

RobertMcGirr wrote 17 days ago: 1

Thank you so much for the explanation!