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Intead of watched OR acqured why not both?

LadyCofNJ wrote 18 days ago: 2

I have several series that I have watched and then later acquired the series on DVD

kevin87 wrote 18 days ago: 1

I always assumed acquired was for like DVR stuff, you have it readily available but haven't watched it yet... not DVD, because this is about TV not home video.

LadyCofNJ wrote 10 days ago: 2

In a lot of cases if I like a show after seeing it I will acquire the DVD versions so I can watch it again at a later time. 

Cecile wrote 9 days ago: 2

Why not use tags to mark shows you have on dvd ?

SilverSurfer wrote 5 days ago: 1

@Cecile wrote:
Why not use tags to mark shows you have on dvd ?

If you have all the episodes of a series that would work but there are some series that aren't all available on DVD , some have best of DVDs and some people may only have a season or two for a variety of reasons.

gazza911 wrote 5 days ago: 2

Honestly, I don't see this being changed.

It's a fundamental change not just for the website, but also the user API, and may cause further issues if it doesn't behave in the same way it always has.

LadyCofNJ wrote 2 days ago: 1

Ok, thanks for the info..I guess I will just stick with the "watched" button

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