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Episode 2 Episode

Episode 2

Been watching it now for two episodes and it is indeed a very strong series. This is definitely a keeper and love the relationship between Lee Byung Hyun & Kim Tae Ri

Aatapi Vatapi Episode

Aatapi Vatapi

The series itself is ok to watch, but some minor issues which are a bit annoying. How could a Caucasian hitman pass a police check dressed as doctor in an Indian local hospital? It's just too obvious.

Episode 15 Episode

Episode 15

U-Rius and Chitswift were both very strong this round.

Episode 20 Episode

Episode 20

While the first season was even better than season two, this series is still one of the best series ever produced by Korea till now. Tons of action with some great actors in it. Just rewatched it fully and still loving it.