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Krypton News

‘Krypton’ Canceled After Two Seasons

Assholes. That's typical SyFy bullshit, cancelling good ones for the sake of mediocre boring crap. Dark Matter, Deadly Class, and now Krypton.

Cameron Welsh revealed a snippet of ep. 3x01 script, and it could've been really good:

There's a slim hope that maybe DCU would pick this up. Considering the failure of Swamp Thing, they could really use another original show.

Chapter 27 Episode

Chapter 27

Awesome finale! You can't go wrong with Pink Floyd :)

The Revenge of Farouk Episode

The Revenge of Farouk

I gotta admit, I haven't had high expectations about that, but it really surprised me! Very good, with that forgotten vibe of "Romancing the Stone" and other adventure films from 80s, with good pace and plot twists, and balance between action, romance and jokes. I really hope the second season will keep bar high.