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Avsnitt 8 Episode

Avsnitt 8

Awesome finale. I'm really gonna miss the show...

The Boy on the Bridge Episode

The Boy on the Bridge

The creators are trying too hard to make this a new Ripper Street, but it's failing on all fronts.

BBC - In the Dark Article

BBC - In the Dark

Thanks for the review, mate! Just watched the first episode – a decent series indeed. I adore Buring, and she made quite an outstanding performance. The story is enthralling, the pace is right and the picture is good, so what's not to like? Reminds me somehow of the Line of Duty, the characters appears to be layered and complex. Gonna watch episode 2 right now, can't wait :)

Thirteenth Doctor Revealed Article

Thirteenth Doctor Revealed

It was inevitable in our times of PC and stuff. It's actually should be a black actress of asian descent :))) And there was so many jokes about The Doctor being a woman, so it was doomed to happen )))

On the serious note I'd say why not. A bit controversial though, so it could either be a breath of fresh air or a complete disaster. But definitely interesting to watch. And the result will heavily depend on who will be the Doctor's companion and how real the chemistry is gonna be.

@Jan thanks, never seen this sketch, it's hilarious )) Make me think though, that maybe Atkinson is really could be a good choice for the 14th Doctor, if the series survive of course :)