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Living the life in Southern California just a few miles from Venice Beach (which should be a reality show all by itself). Jack-of-a few-trades. Had about 4 careers that included Healthcare, Information Technology, Legal/Purchasing/Contract Negotiator, and writing for a tech website. So, why am I here? Good question. Short version I've been watching TV for a really, really, long time now. I've also been collecting comic books for a really, really.. well you get the idea. Unil the 21st century came along I had no real hope that comic... err.. graphic novels would be taken seriously but when they were my faith in humanity rose, and my somewhat noticeable disdain for producers who wouldn't know the difference between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, and couldn't name at least one alternate universe if the Red Hulk came crashing through their doors and their life depended on it, lessened somewhat.

So, I'm a science fiction, graphic novel (or comic book), mystery, action, supernatural and other more eclectic genre fan in the printed word, picture, and on TV and movies. I'm not a critic but I do have opinions which will likely clash with at least one or more individuals. But, that's okay. There's a reason that MacDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC haven't closed down. They cater to the masses and so they've found a formula that works for them. But, not everyone eats there. The point? Different tastes.

I'm not going to spend time insulting shows or actors. I've got a really high tolerance for shows that I love. If I drank wine, I probably would never make it as a snobbish wine conisieur. Same in the TV / Movie space. But, if there is some really bad acting (and if I notice it it's probably going to be pretty bad), or poor special effects (if that's something that is core to the story), or if the story just didn't fit, then I'll probably point it out.

So, if you are a fan of the same stuff I am, or even if your aren't, sit back read my insightful <cough>, insanely brilliant (no ego here, very humble), and hopefully intelligible reivews and commentary and then 'prepare to be whelmed.

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"Til Death Do Us Part" – Harley Quinn S01E01 Review Article

"Til Death Do Us Part" – Harley Quinn S01E01 Review

Once upon a time the F word was referred to as the F Bomb. But the shock value is long gone. Not sure if DC Universe is pushing boundaries to show they can or just catering to what they believe audiences want to see. Marvel used violence and humor in Deadpool and succeeded. Deadpool was violent and so is HQ but the difference is that Deadpool actually had good writing and actual humor and the violence usually had a point and moved the story along. HQ is violence for the sake of violence and swearing just for the sake of swearing.

As pointed out, Doom Patrol is violent and has some over the top (bizarre) humor but it stays within certain boundaries. Even Suicide Squad had its moments. I've never been a fan of slasher movies which are typically bloody, gory, with the point of shocking and horrifying audiences. The problem is that cartoons can take it a step further because they don't require special effects or acting skills and are much cheaper to make than live action shows so there really aren't too many violent acts that can't be shown in a cartoon.

While not true of everyone, many people find humor in others pain. Why do people slow down when there's an accident? Why was the 3 stooges with their physical humor so popular? Maybe it's just that we're glad we're not the one's going through the pain and we are so glad that it's not us we laugh about it from the relief. I don't know. But, for the same reason there's Taco Bell, KFC, and MacDonalds, everyone has different tastes and so HQ will appeal to some and not to others. If you're not into "adult" cartoon sex, violence, murder, and gore you may want to skip this one.

Q&A Episode


So far my favorite. The interaction between #1 and Spock takes them both out of their normal reserved "shells" which, interestingly, terrifies #1 more than it does Spock. It's not a musical, it just uses one comedic song by #1 towards the end that shows another side to her personality. One that she prefers, and normally, stays hidden.

Spock, is somewhat bemused during her singing. But when #1 finishes, he finally gets it and repeats the chorus with #1 chiming in. At that point they both share something you rarely see from either character, laughter.

The regular show and its drama and life and death situations, and the fact its a military crew can make most of the characters seem pretty dramatic and grim . I think that some of the Short Treks are meant to show regular characters "out-of-character". That's the point of the song.

The Trouble with Edward Episode

The Trouble with Edward

C- for effort compared to the other Short Treks I've watched. But, Murphy's Law at its finest, helped along by a demented and incompetent scientist who decides to prove himself by turning Tribbles into a self replicating food source. This takes place some time before the "Trouble with Tribbles" episode in the original Star Trek and explains how they became prolific breeders. Kinda creepy actually.

While the "Trouble with Tribbles" and the "Trouble with Edward" were meant to be somewhat humorous, this updated version failed in my opinion.

The Boyfriend Experience Episode

The Boyfriend Experience

Watched the first couple of episodes to see Lucy Lawless. Watched the rest of the episodes to see if it got any better. It is very formula driven and in the first few episodes they really don't have any mystery about whodunit. Eventually the shows make it a little more challenging for both Alexa (Lucy Lawless) and the audience.

The show has the quirky but brilliant computer whiz sidekick who helps Alexa with the technical stuff, a stray cat that's moved into Alex's space and refuses to leave, a friendly cop who gives Alexa her choice of cases the police just haven't had time to investigate.

Alexa is the sarcastic, obnoxious, loner, ex-cop who always seems to be able to interrogate witnesses and potential suspects and is almost never told to buzz off even though she has no badge and no authority, not even a P.I. license. But somehow the suspects always seem to be helpful. Espeicially the male suspects.

Probably the most baffling thing about this show is that the police couldn't manage to close the cases themselves.

It's not edgy and it doesn't have much in the way of car chases, gun battles, blood and gore. In some ways it feels like some of the older mystery shows like Columbo, Mrs. Columbo, Murder She Wrote, or any of a number of "cozy mystery" shows that have been on over the years. If you're looking for a light weight murder mystery show that won't tax your emotions or your intellect and are just looking for something to fill time then this is the show for you.