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The End of the World Episode

The End of the World

Boring, filler episode that didn't advance the story. Not sure what the point of it was. Acting was beautiful, as always, and continued watching for that reason.

The Hurt That Will Happen Episode

The Hurt That Will Happen

Disjointed and not as well-written as some of the other episodes and didn't move the story forward much, and some of the performances (well, the dialogue) were cringe-worthy. Would also love to know what gifted plastic surgeon is still at work in this world that Daniel still has an intact face. Additionally, must've missed the explanation of how he ended up in an exclusion zone out of all the places in the world he could've gone, and his acceptance of, and then odd turn on, Strand seemed shoe-horned in and not natural. Do hope the woman that got stabbed by the thingy gets her accordion, though. :)

Tell-Tale Hearts Episode

Tell-Tale Hearts

Don't know if it was the writing or the acting, but Bonnie's character was all over the place in this episode. Like the build-up between what's inevitably coming from Mary-Louise's interference and her going to the police. Stellar performances from Kidman and Witherspoon.

Dead of the Night Episode

Dead of the Night

Will probably leave this on every episode I watch, but the VoiceOver/Narration writing on this show is atrocious and makes it almost unwatchable. Not sure who chose that direction, or why, but it single handedly ruins the show, and I say that not only just as a fan of true crime shows who has seen most of these stories covered on other programs, but also as someone who is a reality TV producer who writes VO. It's disturbingly AWFUL.

The only thing that saves this series for me is that the research is well-done, and I appreciate the interviews of the original participants.