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Disabled, senior - has been pit bull-type dog advocate for 30+ years. Rescues, trains and adores Pitties/Staffies/Bullies as my Service Dogs. Said, "See you soon, Baby Girl" to my 13.5 yo Phoebe Amanda, my 2nd and amazing Service Dog. If not for my dogs, I don't think I'd be living independently still - they are a huge blessing in my life. Had a very difficult 5 to 7 years starting around 2013, had blackouts leading to concussions and more damage to an already painful, broken body. Phoebe taught herself how to keep me safe, but it was hard on both of us. Until then, we were pretty physically active, walked no less than 2 miles per day and had some great adventures! My dogs have taught me more than I ever could teach them! Getting better again, step by step, but improvement is not steady. Can be pretty flaky - sometimes active on a site, sometimes invisible. Grateful to have found TVMaze, besides enjoying life with dogs, watching TV Series and Movies, especially Indian Cinema and other foreign shows, helps to occupy my attention and teach me some that I'm missing by not really being "out in the world" much. Sites like this serve as my memory which has been badly damaged due to PTSD, Fibro, Lupus, chronic migraines, chronic pain or getting Old As Dirt - tee hee hee!

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The Iron Throne Episode

The Iron Throne

Drogon does deserve an award! The scene where he expressed his rage and grief by melting the throne was excellent. I also enjoyed the scenes of Arya as she prepared to start her life as an explorer, Brienne adding the final touches to the history of Jaime Lannister and the shot of Jon finally smiling again. The only thing I might have added was showing Brienne pregnant with Jaime's child and leaving us thinking about his child growing up without the harmful influences of the Lannister clan, but enjoying Uncle Tyrion!

The Dragon and the Wolf Episode

The Dragon and the Wolf

Truly an amazing and skillfully created season 7 finale! They brought together loose ends, the dialogues between enemies who now realize they are, at the core, alike and must become allies, on to "Arya's trial" - big cheer on that one!, a closer look at the fact that "The Truth Shall Set you Free," the look at Jaime's choice for seeking freedom and so many difficult choices being pondered! I tried so hard to convince myself that I had not correctly interpreted the revelation of Jon's lineage from an earlier episode - now I'm hoping there will not be new Lannister copy-cats! And, the last look, for this season, at the Army of the Dead - BRILLIANT, terrifying and so very exciting!

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!

Beyond the Wall Episode

Beyond the Wall

Oh My Goodness! I owe the writers a HUGE apology. A box I put myself in when I make sarcastic comments as I did for S07 E03! This has been so much better, more complex and more surprising than my simplistic suggestion - hmm . . . Could this be a hint about why I never ended up a successful writer? I believe so!

I'm surprised that the old lady of the group does not find it to be too fast! I agree with Thomas about the speed and the relationship between Daenerys and Jon! I know exactly why the episodes seem too slow to me and I find this with most series and movies, which does lead to valid complaints about screen writers. Because I haven't had a TV in years and certainly not a budget to include cable, I watch these in either a VLC player or some of the newer online players that allow you to add subtitles (thanks so very much and - you folks are great and appreciated along with TVMaze!) and they also allow you to adjust playback speed.

For parts of a show that have dialog, I use 1.25 speed for playback and love how it shortens binging time. But for all the time wasting scenes without dialog (long scenes of a character running, running, running - okay, we've got it already!) I quickly switch to at least 1.5 speed or faster. Those are the scenes that annoy me when I realize that some of the really best shows are pretty much filled with dialog, not objectionable language - we'll get on the soapbox about that later (Tee hee hee!), but actual interesting, well-written narrative that moves the story along. Too many shows have too many scenes that do not serve to move the story forward - IM less than humble Opinion. If you don't believe me, go back and watch this episode again looking for such scenes and the time wasted.

However, I also agree with the majority here - this episode especially was GREAT and worth ignoring the time wasting scenes. There's a lot that I don't like about shows like this, but I love monsters, fantasy, sci-fi, action, thrillers and if I just pay attention to the actual story, I still love this series - a guilty pleasure.

Thanks to all for voicing your opinions here, keeps my "thinker" working!

The Queen's Justice Episode

The Queen's Justice

I realize that I'm years behind, but that's what happens when you get old and disabled. . . Still, if Daenerys doesn't hop on her big dragon and go check for the dead invading as Jon Snow has tried to tell her, well neither Daenerys nor the writers of this show are as smart as they should be.

Oh no, there's a shortage of fuel for flying dragons that far on a sightseeing tour!

And, no, of course I won't be sorry if I later discover that's exactly what Daenerys does. I'll just be glad that the writers are that smart and I'll look forward to their good work in ending this series. Sometimes, it's good to be old . . . just don't care what the youngsters think of you!