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Ratings Roundup Week of January 6, 2019 Article

Ratings Roundup Week of January 6, 2019

There are a lot of new half hour comedies out this season, too many to fit on network schedules. I have the feeling when the new seasons are announced, most of these will be one and done series'.

"Fence + Suitcase + Americium- 241" - MacGyver S03E12 Review Article

"Fence + Suitcase + Americium- 241" - MacGyver S03E12 Review

For me, this episode showed how much they need a character like Jack, and no Bozer is not going to cut it.

The 1980s series was setup as a lone hero story with other characters coming and going. This version is built on a team idea, and that team needs someone who can do the heavy lifting of dealing with bad guys while Mac comes up with a crazy idea, as well as inject some humor and lightness into scenes. I don't know what precipitated Eads leaving, but if the show wants to survive, the production needs to find a *believable* way to fill that hole. Since they've already established Mac and Jack have worked together for years, not sure how they can/will do that. (I assume it will be some sort of "here's your new partner, make it work" sort of thing)

There is/was also chemistry between Till and Eads that just isn't there with Till and Hires. I can believe the friendship between Mac and Jack while scenes with just Mac and Bozer still comes off as stilted and awkward three seasons in.

If their solution really is to make Bozer some sort of sudden badass fighter, I'm out. Hires just can't sell that sort of character.

PS I'm with your SO, the character is referred to onscreen as "Bozer" just like MacGyver is "Mac".

"Resolution" – Doctor Who New Year's Day Special Article

"Resolution" – Doctor Who New Year's Day Special

And I think that's me done with Doctor Who until Chibnall is gone. I admit I wasn't thrilled with the idea of a female Doctor, but was willing to be convinced. My bigger concern was Chibnall. His other Doctor Who stories were fair to poor. I thought Broadchurch moved at a glacial pace with little characterization. He did nothing to change my mind with this season of Who. I somehow doubt he will be doing any chatshow interviews with fans in the future. (karma can be a real ...)