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Renew/Cancel information for ABC programs Article

Renew/Cancel information for ABC programs

@mad_man1983 wrote:
Bummer that Schooled wasnt renewed, but atleast Goldbergs will continue.
I'm also watching S.H.I.E.L.D. but i am kinda glad that is over.

I was frankly surprised Schooled wasn't renewed. With the current non-pilot season and the fact that its ratings were as good (and often better) than Black-ish, or Mixed-ish, yeah, that was a surprise. I wonder if there were production issues that led to this, but who knows. 

Renew/Cancel information for NBC programs Article

Renew/Cancel information for NBC programs

@gmpugs wrote:
Oh, and is American Ninja Warrior still going to air this summer? I follow the show page and a lot of the athletes who compete on it on social media and it sounds like the filming for it got postponed because of COVID-19 and I don't believe they started any of the filming for it yet. Have you heard anything different?

I have heard nothing one way or the other. I don't know when they film that to know if they were affected or not. NBC has really not said much of anything about its summer or fall schedules. There are a lot of unknowns, I get that, but at least say if you are postponing things, guys! :) 

Perfect Harmony was done as soon as it failed to receive any sort of back order of episodes. 

Lincoln Rhyme did not have a strong start and its ratings were only so-so at the end. Its future will depend on what NBC plans to do in lieu of pilots. Will they order a slate of episodes basically blind, or will they say heck with it and renew everything still in doubt as at least they would know what they are buying. There are pluses and minuses to both approaches. 

My guess is this is why they haven't made any official announcements for these shows. They are waiting to see what the filming schedules look like and are, in essence, hedging their bets. 

Renew/Cancel information for ABC programs Article

Renew/Cancel information for ABC programs

@gmpugs wrote:
Of the shows that I watch, only one didn't get renewed - Schooled. While that was a bummer, I was happy to ready online that Prodigal Son got renewed...and yes I know this article you wrote is about ABC's programming and not Fox's.

I was surprised about Schooled. It's rating were never mind-blowing but as I said they were usually on par with Black-ish and Mixed-ish. Equally surprised Stumptown was renewed. It's rating were low, sometimes painfully so.