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I am an unabashed TV junkie. I live in Ohio and enjoy photography and being outdoors (which makes TV watching a challenge!) I have recently become hooked playing Ingress, which also chews up some of my valuable TV watching time.

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"Angie Tribeca" - Season 4A Review Article

"Angie Tribeca" - Season 4A Review

I was pleased when season 4 arrived, but after watching them all I was underwhelmed. It seems to me the series has run out of gas. Having said that, if there is a season 5, I will watch it. As far as funniest show currently airing, I would rate Brooklyn Nine-Nine at the top, with maybe Santa Clarita Diet next.

"Dick Grayson" - Titans S01E11 Article

"Dick Grayson" - Titans S01E11

First off, has anyone ever seen Gotham City portrayed as anything but dark, dangerous and inhospitable? Why would anyone live there? lol I agree with your review in that Dick Grayson seems so uninteresting and I was disappointed in the season. I am basically a newbie in this universe. I knew nothing of the Titans, and just basic information about Batman and Robin from the old silly TV show and the movies. I found the origins of the other Titans interesting, but the angst ridden Grayson character bored me to tears. A couple of decisions Dick made confounded me. When he led (not figuratively of course), the invasion of Wayne Manor, I thought "what are you thinking?" You just witnessed Batman's state of mind at Arkham, and knew these police officers were no match for Batman's rage, especially in his own home! Yet he sent these men in to be slaughtered. And then afterward at the hotel, he cannot control his own temper and beats a man to death (or nearly I assume?) All in all I thought it was way too easy to turn Dick to the dark side in just 24 hours, after apparently several years of bliss.