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The Silence of the Louise Episode

The Silence of the Louise

The teachers breaking the "Fun Park" fund reminded me of "The Outsiders" movie, when "Chris Chambers" recalled that their teacher sported a new dress after he returned the Milk Money. (He'd stolen it, but then returned it, only to be confronted by "teacher misconduct.") I've never witnessed it, but "Breaking Bad" hints that this is a "behind closed doors" thing, with "respected members of the community" succumbing to temptation at various levels.

The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry Episode

The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry

So, Capt. Lorca has all the warmth of a War General. (But is he more like "Gen. Leslie Groves" who ramrodded the Manhattan Project, or "Gen. Curtis LeMay," who conducted the B-29 fire bombng campaign against Japan?) And he "studies War" to figure out what works best. Also, can the crew of the "Discovery" be turned from their "Robert Oppenheimer" mode to "Edward Teller"? (Or should they?)

Pria Episode


An interesting quote: "I'm a business woman, not a soldier."

Context Is for Kings Episode

Context Is for Kings

What's in the deep shadows of Capt. Lorca's "ready room"? (This Hollyweird "dark shadows are so cool" fashion is out of hand and must stop!) Fortunately, there's a YouTube group that turned on the lights to show the many Alien "artifacts" and weapons that "aren't known by The Federation at this time." Welcome to "Star Trek: Section 31," with a bit of "Unit 731" thrown in as well. (War crimes are judged after the war is over...or are they?)