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​  "The Miracle of Christmas – Timeless Christmas Special/Finale Article

​ "The Miracle of Christmas – Timeless Christmas Special/Finale

It's nice to see that "Timeless" got their own "Serenity" movie, unlike the "toss it in the dumpster" treatment "syfy" gave to "The Expanse." At the very end, we see that someone else is working on "time travel technology." Oh well, the butterfly's wings flap, and there's room for further adventures...which won't happen.

MythBusters Jr. News

MythBusters Jr. explodes onto Science Channel on Wednesday, January 2 at 9 PM

It's nice to see that Adam Savage is still "doing Science." I won't be watching, though I would like to. The Science Channel is a Tier 2 premium channel on the local digital cable Spectrum/Charter TV system. I selected Tier 1 to keep Turner Classic Movies and Animal Planet, gaining HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Smithsonian, BBC America, and Ovation in the process. Will I up the ante by upgrading to Tier 2? That's on hold, since other major expenses have first priority. This coming year or the next, digital cable fees are scheduled to rise, which may make even Tier 1 too expensive. Life goes on, even if "Mythbusters" is a fading memory.


Murder a La Mode

Phryne and Dot are at Madame Fleuris' salon to try on new outfits. Phryne's is a traditional gown, while Dot's is a plain suit. While discussions about alterations to Phrynne's new gown take place, the house model discovers the dead body of Francis Wild, a customer and major investor of the salon. The Police arrive, and the solution to the crime hangs on a single, blood-covered Black Pearl.


Bad Attitude

Korean Air Cargo Flight 8509, 22 December 1999.