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Well, I'd describe myself as extremely blunt yet respectful, bold, extremely open minded and independent, eager to try new experiences and broaden my outlook in many ways, artistic and pretty much a thrill seeker. I don't like taking life "too" seriously and I believe you should live everyday like it's your last and roll with the punches, otherwise you'll drown in the complexities of life. I have been around the world and back again and have been lucky enough to meet some beautiful souls along the way. Traveling has allowed me to appreciate what I have been given in my own life and has given me the perspective to live my life humbly. I'm a die-hard movie and tv buff.

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The End

This is the end, my only friend, the end. What a way to wrap up the series after 9 thrilling, gripping and emotionally-charged seasons ! Great to finally see the whole Kenda family ! Thank you for your service and for sharing some of your most interesting cases with us Joe. I’ll miss you, your perspicacity, hilarious one-liners and your dry sense of humor. Happy trails Lieutenant !

Nightmare in a Box Episode

Nightmare in a Box

Holy shit, that whole sequence with the Goliath tarantula was hard to sit through! Given the potential after-effects (necrosis, anaphylactic shock and what not) I sure hope those guys get risk premium to go through that kind of ordeal. This show looks like an odd crossover between Fear Factor and some NatGeo doc.

Skincrawlers Episode


My favorite episode of the whole bunch, both in terms of concept and execution ! Combining a solar eclipse with weight lost and fat eating hagfish was a stellar idea. Given the subject matter, I am quite surprised that they did not ask FX maestro Tom Savini to direct, it would have been even more graphic. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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