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Well, I'd describe myself as extremely blunt yet respectful, bold, extremely open minded and independent, eager to try new experiences and broaden my outlook in many ways, artistic and pretty much a thrill seeker. I don't like taking life "too" seriously and I believe you should live everyday like it's your last and roll with the punches, otherwise you'll drown in the complexities of life. I have been around the world and back again and have been lucky enough to meet some beautiful souls along the way. Traveling has allowed me to appreciate what I have been given in my own life and has given me the perspective to live my life humbly. I'm a die-hard movie and tv buff.

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Desperate Houseknives

Glad the show about neighborhood feuds spiralling out of control's finally back for a new run ! First ep didn't disappoint. Looking forward to the next ep.

Go for Broke Episode

Go for Broke

The wait is finally over ! One of my most anticipated series of 2018 and judging by the first episode, it looks promising af !


Escape from Al Qaeda

I honestly don't have any empathy for those little liberals going to play heroes and defenders of freedom of speech in some warring country as if it was some some kind of extreme tourism just because they're bored with their meaningless little lives.


Gambling with Death

Just goes to show how manipulative and deceitful most Mormons are. I guess neither one of those women knew they were polygamous...