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In Florida, USA.  Cut cord 2016. Do not watch regular TV. I watch US Network channel (ABC, CBS, CW, NBC) shows on their websites a day or 8 days after airing. Amazon Prime too but am member for other than video purposes. Netflix on and off as needed. Same with Acorn TV, Britbox etc.   

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Pilot Episode


Big Sky, pilot. Just awful.

Home Episode



I liked it well enough.  But according to article Oct 19 '2020, Netflix cancelled the show...just a bit over a month after it was released! The crew was left on, to me, it did end on a cliffhanger. 

Bride of Frankenstein Episode

Bride of Frankenstein

The Frankenstein Chronicles. I liked season 1 much better than season 2.  If by some slim chance the show is resurrected (re-animated !) I wouldn't be all that excited to see more.

Daybreak Episode


Yellowstone: Couldn't make it thru half the pilot. 

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