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Retired Data Analyst; haven't been to a movie theater in many years; never a TV fan until retirement! Cord-cutter; Subscriber to Netflix and Amazon Prime (for the Pantry initially!) so for TV, a 'Delayed Viewer' for many shows & do binge a viewer for shows I can watch for free on Network sites or Yahoo View. Have Roku but mostly watch movies and TV on my laptop.

Sci-Fi, Court/Cop Dramas, Mysteries, History are some favorites. Don't do Reality, Sports, Comedies. Shy away from Vampire and Zombie shows although my kids are trying to break that. Bloody Horror Movies (like Q Tarantino) avoided unless before year 2000 or so (odd for a huge Stephen King fan...the books are better). Shy away from series that don't last more than 2 seasons but do watch some brand new stuff since cut the cord...fingers crossed on the ones still proving interesting.


PS: my STATS here are meaningless as far as episodes and hours watched as my viewing history ("watched") actually goes back several years.... when I signed up for Netflix and later CBS All Access...and later Prime.

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...and Executioner Episode

...and Executioner

So glad Gibbs's team now know his secret! To me, this episode seemed to have more to it than quite of the few of late. Glad for that too.

No image (yet). Episode

Episode 6

Nick's stag party is ruined when a lethal traffic accident brings the whole team into the hospital. While the hospital's facilities are stretched to the breaking point, Bremner and Shepherd reach an agonizing crossroads in their relationship.

No image (yet). Episode

Episode 5

Monroe and Bremner attempt parallel miracles: curing the epilepsy of a middle-aged woman and accomplishing the heart transplant of a teenage girl. It's just a pity their love lives are about to come unstuck..

The Night of the Dying Breath Episode

The Night of the Dying Breath

This show has gotten so slow and stupid. I watch...saying to myself: come on...pick it, no, no....wake up...criminy...and other not so nice words. What the heck has happened to this started out good show?