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The Vulcan Hello Episode

The Vulcan Hello

I wasn't expecting something magical, for franchises are rarely that good when they bring out a new variant, but I was at least hoping for something viewable and where I could suspend disbelief for a while.Sadly, not to be, for amazingly this is a show that manages to jumps the shark in its very first episode with the second episode only proving how right I was in my opinion after the first. I know over the years there have been good and not so good variants of the ST franchise, but whoever thought this up along with those responsible for the script need transporting into the heart of the nearest sun before they can pen more garbage.

One day we might get a really good new SF series that has lasting power and which is not dumped after one or two seasons by the studios. Unfortunately, unless there is a miraculous change in future episodes, which to be honest I can't be bothered to waste more time on watching to see, this is definitely not it IMO.

Ghost Gun Episode

Ghost Gun

The sooner Kensi gets better, or preferably dies so we can do away with the so called romance between two people with zero chemistry or believability, the sooner we can get back to half decent stories, otherwise this series jumps the shark.

More Civil War Episode

More Civil War

Well I hope that after this they stop trying to write so many bad romcom elements into episodes because they truly suck at it.Otherwise this is the season this show jumps the shark.

Civil War Episode

Civil War

Finally got round to watching the double episode and I have to agree with both SilverSurfer and pentar for I have nothing against a romance element when done properly but this is turning into very badly written comedy.