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I'm a Gemini, 23, and I live in Finland. I love writing, and just anything that has to do with books.

I'm a slow texter, an introvert and a music lover.

I love to watch movies and obsess daily over a few hundred TV-shows, so you could say I'm addicted.

My favorite genres (for books/movies/TV-shows) are drama, supernatural, paranormal, fantasy, comedy, romance and Sci-Fi.

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All Souls and Sadists Episode

All Souls and Sadists

I have no idea where the next episode is gonna go with the car thing but im holding my breath here

The Trip Episode

The Trip

wow i laughed out loud at some of the moments in this episode. But the ending was very moving, and I liked that Dani got a bit more backstory.

Designer Complicity Episode

Designer Complicity

an okay episode, kind of predictable but the ending was entertaining.