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Episode 31

Looks like this could be the last episode as FS1 appears it will no longer broadcast this show weekly and if it does at all it will be special episodes around PPVs. It could even be moved to WWE Network. This show was hard to watch once the coronavirus caused the episodes to quit being produced in studio and were basically Zoom meetings.

Burnt Out Episode

Burnt Out

No episode beyond 2 has premiered in the US but for some reason they were all released on History Canada. It makes no sense.

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Tyler's Trial

Honestly, I watch Parker's Trail and all Gold Rush shows all the time and Outback Gold premiered at 8 pm on Friday, March 13 and Welcome Stranger premiered at 9 pm on Friday, March 13. Tonight's episode is named Tyler's Trial. Outback Gold did not present itself as a special episode and Discovery advertised for weeks a new season at 8 pm which is when Outback Gold aired. Currently on Discovery's website, Outback Gold is listed as episode 111, Welcome Stranger as episode 22 and Tyler's Trial as episode 23. If you follow Discovery's idiotic naming and numbering of episodes in the 100s are usually specials like The Dirt and then for some unknown reason they keep numbering Parker's Trail as a continuation of the original Gold Rush series even though it is its own series. Now if you're more confused now before I posted this, join the crowd. For instance, they will list on the schedule a 3 hour episode of Gold Rush when its a one hour Gold Rush, one hour Dave Turin's Lost Mine and one hour The Dirt. Plus, they will name it a nonexistent name. When the episodes start airing, they will correct the names of the episodes once they premiere. They do this across all sorts of different shows. It really is baffling why they continue to do this all the time.

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