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All the things I've been wanting to happen are starting to happen! Very excited to see where this season takes us.

Game of Thrones has returned and Daredevil is fantastic! *Spoilers* Article

Game of Thrones has returned and Daredevil is fantastic! *Spoilers*

I agree, Daredevil is awesome. I disagree on a couple of points though. They do show the accident that led to him becoming blind, and also how he became such an awesome fighter, so there is some of his background story there, it's just woven into the plot and spread over each episode rather than being delivered in one hit. It's kinda like what they've been doing with Arrow and Oliver's time on the island.

I sorta see where you're coming from with regard to the developing relationship between Matt and Claire. It did move a little quick, but to me that's not a particularly crucial plot point anyway, so I'm kinda glad they didn't drag it out. Most shows with long, drawn out "will they or won't they" love stories tend to die a horrible death as soon as they finally do hook up. i don't want that to happen to Daredevil.

I also agree with most of what you said about GOT, although I'm far more interested in the development of Sansa Stark as a character than in Littlefinger. He's always struck me as a bit creepy. I couldn't agree more about Dany getting outta Mereen and she MUST reconnect with her dragons. I'm so frustrated that she's lost sight of her original goal.