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I love movies and television. I like intelligent programming. All kinds, like Sci Fi including "The Expanse","Black Mirror", Phillip K. Dick's Electric Dreams", and some Fantasy such as "Bright", "The Magicians" and "Grimm", and Action such as most anything with Sly Stallone or Arnold or others (NOT old "A Team" or "Knight Rider" not into fake cheesy), and some Historical whether documentary, docudrama or Historical based like "Taboo" and just plane great shows like "House MD" or "Sons of Anarchy" or "Breaking Bad" or Call Saul or "Chance", or Comedy that would never been aired 10 years ago like "Loudermilk" or "Brockmire".
Lucky to be living in an age where there is more quality programming and movies than ever before. Yet along with that there is more trash. And I see quality cancelled everyday such as "Incorporated" being cancelled while most every "reality show" living on featuring the Kardashians and other no talents come celebrity.

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The Walking Dead News

"The Walking Dead" to conclude with expanded two-year 11th season

Oh God finally. That thing ran out of steam when they brought in Negan to clear out many beloved regulars including indirectly Rick. It pretty much turned into a YA drama fest soap opera with a few zombies in the background that could have been at home on the CW network. Yeah yeah, I get it. When the regulars are death proof it does remove some suspense. But when you are dropping regulars like flies with the turnover being one of the highest the industry has ever seen. Well yawn, that kinda removes any real suspense also. Will he or won't he die? Yawn likely he will.

Episode 8 Episode

Episode 8

Well... That was a boost to my jonesing for viewing entertainment, written intelligently. This apparently was intended as a standalone mini series. So reading on the web there is talk of a possible second season. I know... In many worlds that wouldn't happen. I just hope I am in the verse, of the multi-verse, where there is a second season.

The Magicians News

'The Magicians' to end after five seasons

What is Sci Fi thinking?  It really isn't like they have a deep bullpen of quality original programming. So Killjoys just ended. Now Magicians? Doesn't leave much left really. Sorry, not into wrestling.

Pilot Episode


Love it! Must see tv it's great!

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