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Back in 2009, I got really 'into' television. It's not that I hadn't watched TV before that time; it's that I learned a whole new way to understand what I was watching. This was all thanks to LOST, which went above and beyond what I normally would have expected of network TV at the time, namely rote procedural action. LOST taught me that TV can do strong serialization and nuanced character arcs in a way that movies just can't. Combined with strong acting, writing, and fantastic music (leitmotifs!), it changed everything about how I engaged with television. After watching LOST, TV became art for me, and I even briefly wrote about it over at SpoilerTV:

Today, I am an active TV watcher - both in the sense that I watch as much TV as I can possibly manage and that I try to watch TV with an eye to analysis and criticism. I focus a lot on A) the art of TV production (e.g., directorial or writing choices); B) thematic and symbolic analysis; and 3) social and cultural criticism (e.g., concerns about poorly represented minorities). I think TV has the power to effect powerful social change, through 1) artistry and 2) the telling of unfamiliar stories that can help us bridge our differences.

I used to watch a lot of mediocre television, partly because I did not know any better, and partly because you can learn a lot from mistakes (i.e., well-made TV can seem 'effortless', while poorly made TV reveals a lot about the actual effort that goes into its creation). I'm done with that now, mostly due to a lack of time, except in the cases of legacy shows (i.e., I don't think The Big Bang Theory has anything new or interesting to tell me, or that it's even a particularly good show, but I'm 9 seasons deep, and somewhat invested, so let's finish it up).

Basically, I think TV is the best :).

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Trailer-Review-a-Palooza Fall 2019 (PART V): Dickinson, See The Morning Show - FOR ALL MANKIND! Article

Trailer-Review-a-Palooza Fall 2019 (PART V): Dickinson, See The Morning Show - FOR ALL MANKIND!

@Zlogorek - "The Country of the Blind" is exactly the kind of more interesting story I was talking about! It takes seriously the idea that groups of people can flourish when they build a society around their strengths and that disability is a highly contested and contextual concept. Of course, it also points to some darker ideas (how groups in power do not always understand the perspective of such radically different people, how they will wield that power terrifyingly, etc). Fantastic short story.

Ratings Roundup for the Week of October 6, 2019 Article

Ratings Roundup for the Week of October 6, 2019

Man, I have been out of the loop on ratings for maybe 2 or 3 years and I genuinely don't understand what I'm seeing. This Is Us started in the mid 2s, in an era where that was the best shows could do. Now it's down to 1.6! Is that... good at this point? Some of these increasingly tiny and fractured numbers shock me in terms of what is considered a success (Prodigal Son down to 0.9 getting a full-season pickup, what!?)

The Rise and Fall of TV.Com - Part I Article

The Rise and Fall of TV.Com - Part I

This was a fascinating deep-dive into something I genuinely didn't know I wanted to read about. I find the interactions between fandom and corporate entities to be so difficult to manage and untangle, and I appreciate hearing about your personal experience with exactly that over the years. Looking forward to Part II!

Trailer-Review-a-Palooza Fall 2019 (PART II): Oh God, more of these? MORE OF THESE! Article

Trailer-Review-a-Palooza Fall 2019 (PART II): Oh God, more of these? MORE OF THESE!

I don't disagree. There are a few new shows I'm excited to check out (Perfect Harmony, The Politician), but for almost everything else, watching a couple of episodes will probably translate to dropping them quickly.

And while I am excited about a show like the Godfather of Harlem, I also agree about the world being dark and not needing to watch anything that's so 'gritty' anymore - like, I loved Battlestar Galactica 15 years ago, but I definitely want something more uplifting today. I don't know what that looks like, especially since I'm pretty into the trend of dark comedies that are more serious than most dramas, but I think we're seeing a turn toward more bright happy content, and less dark for the sake of dark. Maybe?