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The Key to Paradise Episode

The Key to Paradise

This may have been the best episode of the series. And for once, I can find nothing I want to complain about.

A Life for a Life Episode

A Life for a Life

It seems they're trying to add depth to the characters, they're failing, but I acknowledge the attempt.

Sure, Green has a great figure and I'm never going to turn down the opportunity to look at an attractive woman in form fitting clothes. But still not sure Talon brings all that much to the table.

The Peace You Promised Episode

The Peace You Promised

There was more kissing in this episode than the previous 2 seasons combined. If that's the direction they're headed now might be time for me to move on. It's just not why I watch tv, that's what I have pornhub for.

This Is Our Outpost Episode

This Is Our Outpost

Season 2 thoughts

Green's acting isn't quite as bad, at least they fixed the gratuitous smiling from season one. Though I have no clue what Talon contributed to the story except as a plot device to setup the big bad for next season.

I like that they make a distinction between Gwynn and Queen Rosmund. I particularly like that Gwynn doesn't apologize for Rosmund even is she regrets her actions. Though people were far too quick to overlook her slights against them.

Janzo's still crushing it for me. Though his affectation can be a bit much.

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