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"Til Death Do Us Part" – Harley Quinn S01E01 Review Article

"Til Death Do Us Part" – Harley Quinn S01E01 Review

Society would have me believe that I'm a member of the dreaded "Millennial" generation. But I know the truth, I'm in fact a member of the "cartoons were better in the 90's" generation. My contemporaries like to bring up Gargoyles, yet those charlatans' favorite phrase is "what season 3?". We all know Batman:TAS is the one true example of 90's cartoons being better. Contained within this animated gift to 90's kids were episodes such as "Almost Got 'Im" where Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, and Ivy played poker while trading war stories of times they almost killed Batman, "Trial" where the villains took over Arkham and put Batman of trial for his crimes against them, "Harley and Ivy" where Harley moves in with Ivy and the two go on a spree together. My point is, I really enjoy villains casually interacting with each other and I'm a huge Harley fan so this tv show is like an early christmas. I brought up Batman:TAS because when I heard about an adult Harley series I was hoping it would have a similarly dark tone, sadly it did not. However the over the top comedy... well I won't say it made up for it but it was a sufficient substitute. I'm in for the long hall even if the entire episode is just Harley and Ivy eating dinner arguing over who gets the last piece of meat(it worked in Gintama!).

​  "Nightwing" - Titans S02E13 Review Article

​ "Nightwing" - Titans S02E13 Review

I binged the entire series over the last 3 days and as a rule I don't watch shows which prominently feature teenagers. I'm just not into that whole angsty and mad at the world for no reason, my relationship status is the single most important thing in the multiverse, and adults exist solely for me to sneak behind their backs and make things worse, thing they do(on tv). But an acquaintance insisted that this show transcended all of that. Suffices to say I won't be taking his tv recommendations again. I feel like this show could have been amazing but instead we end up with a jumbled mess of extremely contrived conflicts and disproportionate reactions to them. Once I started I had to finish but I'm not inclined to return, I'll wait to see Gislef's reviews of the first 2 episodes of season 3.

Evil News

Second season

Now there's a shocker. I like the show, well I like George the dream demon, but I was not even remotely expecting a second season.