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"Seeds + Permafrost + Feather" – MacGyver S03E17 Review Article

"Seeds + Permafrost + Feather" – MacGyver S03E17 Review

Except the fictional one in the episode is in Greenland.

Mac: Wait, isn't that the Skjaldmar International Seed Vault?

Riley: Seed vault?

Desi: In Greenland. Much like Svalbard, it's an international collaboration to collect seeds for agricultural crops.

And a little later.

Matty: You three will travel to Greenland and meet with the Skjaldmar chief of police

And there are a number of other references to them going to Greenland as well. So while they mention the real-life seed vault in Svalbard, it's only to compare it to the fictional one in "Skjaldmar" that the writers created for the episode.

At least, I assume that "Skjaldmar", or the seed vault therein, is fictional.

"Stand and Deliver" – Supergirl S04E14 Review Article

"Stand and Deliver" – Supergirl S04E14 Review

Also, does it anyone find it odd that Brainiac-5, who is using the hashtag "AmericanAlien", is running a protest with someone displaying a sign saying "No borders! No nations!"? Last time I checked, America is a nation. Are there other countries on Earth that have passed the equivalent of the Alien Amnesty Act? What's the UN's position on refugee aliens?

That's why sometimes I think that Supergirl raises more issues than it can answer.

"Donkey Patrol" – Doom Patrol S01E02 Review Article

"Donkey Patrol" – Doom Patrol S01E02 Review

There were parts early-on that were played for laughs: Cliff chasing after the donkey, Vic pretending to be the ATM machine to distract the robber. But it was pretty... "straightforward" silliness/humor: no better or worse than your average DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode, or the goofier Flash episodes. Then it went off the deep-end, with Crazy Jane going... crazy, and Rita getting sucked into a donkey's mouth to end up in another dimension.

"Father + Bride + Betrayal" - MacGyver S03E14 Review Article

"Father + Bride + Betrayal" - MacGyver S03E14 Review

I don't watch Magnum so don't know about that. Given they tried the will they/won't they thing with Sam back in season 2 (and Nikki to some degree back in season 1), and they've both disappeared, hopefully the creative team learned its lesson.