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"It Takes You Away" – Doctor Who S11E09 Review Article

"It Takes You Away" – Doctor Who S11E09 Review

Troughton is my favorite Doctor.

"and I think you put your finger on the reason why when you point out how Jodie's Doctor is missing that balance of heroic defender as well as compassionate believer. "

That's why I get paid the big bucks. :) But yep, that's my main gripe, and I think it all adds up. Thirteen isn't a heroic defender. And part of that is the inexplicable ban on Daleks and Cybermen: there's nothing for her to heroically defend against. Like they say, a hero is defined by their enemies. And the "enemies" this season have been weak. If Chibnall wants to ban the classics, fine. But then let him come up with some better ones: the equivalent of the Angels or the Silence. Tim Shaw was okay but he was a one-off despite mentioning the Stenza in the next episode.

It's not just the modern era. Davison's Doctor was a bit of a wet squib until "Earthshock".

Chibnall's lapse into Quantum Leap territory ("Rosa", "Demons of the Punjab") hasn't helped. "You can't change history" may be "realistic", and heck, it's how Doctor Who started off. And when they've done conflict over it, whether it was Barbara and the Aztecs, or Graham and taking Rosa's seat on the bus, it's been good. But "Time" is a pretty uninspired enemy, all things considered. And you can't heroically defend against Time.

I'll do a season summary as part of next week's review: I'll incorporate that all in.

"Specimen 234 + PAPR + Outbreak" - MacGyver S03E09 Review Article

"Specimen 234 + PAPR + Outbreak" - MacGyver S03E09 Review

Well, they said it was referring to PotC. So I figured it was a send-up of PotC. :) But... so what? I don't watch MacGyver to see send-ups of Disney rides. So what was the point?

My guess is that they'll have Leanna fill in with the gun and door-kicking stuff. So we (and she) are just watching the clock until he leaves.

"Tagumo Attacks!!" – DC's Legends of Tomorrow S04E05 Review Article

"Tagumo Attacks!!" – DC's Legends of Tomorrow S04E05 Review

According to the closed captioning, and what it sure sounds like Constantine says, he mutters the name "Dez". Whoever Dez is. I don't know why he'd call Michael "Dez", and his buddy in various comics and series has been Chaz, not Dez. There is a Dez Ridley in the comics who is black, and was killed by Neo-Nazis. So it could be him. Maybe we'll find out in next week's "Hell, No, Dolly" since that is set in New Orleans and is supposed to shine some light on Constantine's tragic past.

​  "The Witchfinders" – Doctor Who S11E08 Review Article

​ "The Witchfinders" – Doctor Who S11E08 Review

The tree was "biotech". So I suppose that's enough of a reason to allow the sonic to work.

What I find interesting is that Jan Wilkinson hasn't written that much TV and it's mostly soap operas, and it's her first DW episode. The episode monsters seemed almost like a cliche of what a stranger might think a DW monster is. They're an army, they want to conquer Earth for some undefined reason, and they have a generic energy blast ability. Why not kill the Doctor like they killed Alfonso earlier? Even if their energy blast wouldn't do it, use that axe they were hauling around and hack her and the others to pieces.

"The Witchfinders" seemed like a soap opera with a s.f. tinge. I'm all for bringing in new outside writers. But you bring in a a soap opera writer, and have a show runner who is doing "soft" s.f. and more modern day sensibilities, and you get... "The Witchfinders".