All Along the Watchtower

As Kelly prepares to give birth to Lucifer's son Jack, the Winchesters team up with two unexpected allies to stop Lucifer.


By Gadfly on May 19, 2017

Castiel stands at the edge of a lake. After a moment he goes into a nearby house. Kelly is on the radio talking to a man, Sven, about the parts to the crib that he sent her. Castiel comes in and tells her that she needs to rest, but Kelly says that she doesn't know how long that she has left. She laments how she'll never know her son, but at least she can build him a Swedish crib. Castiel admits that he has no idea how hard it is for her, but promises that he will give his life for her son. The…

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Episode Discussion

datajana posted 2 years ago

Highly disappointed in this episode.

I'm hoping there is a twist involving the alternate universe, or I'm afraid a large portion of the show's audience will not continue watching.

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