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Alex takes over as Acting Director of the DEO as the Daxamites take over National City, open fire on Air Force One, and recruit a familiar face to their side. Meanwhile, Cat Grant returns to National City to inspire Supergirl and the populace.

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By Gadfly on May 16, 2017

Lena Luthor wakes up in a large bed and finds Queen Rhea stroking her hair. Rhea claims that Supergirl tried to kill her, but Lena knows that Supergirl tried to save her. The Daxamite insists that she did what she had to do for her people, and for Lena as well. She insists that Lena is a marvel meant for better things, and she is going to make a society worthy of Lena. Rhea explains that together they will preside over the new world that they will create... together. Outside, the Daxamite…

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Episode Discussion

SilverSurfer posted 5 years ago

Again we have a case where someone puts the lives of 7 billion at risk because of one single person ... these characters are unfit for the roles they are given. You think the personnel in the silos or subs would hem 'n haw, navel gaze, bleat about their sister? Or would they follow orders and their training and turn the key? 8/10 - 2 for bleating = 6/10

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