A Crowning Moment of Truth!

Satoshi and his friends go to the Wela Volcano Festival, where an Alolan Garagara appears and takes the "Wela Crown", which supposedly has the power to make Pokémon stronger. Satoshi and Kaki chase after it, which leads to a fierce battle between Garagara and Kaki's Bakugames in which, even when using a Z-move, Bakugames is defeated. Kaki is devastated and disheartened by the loss, but Satoshi and Bakugames encourage him. The next day, Kaki and Bakugames face Garagara in a rematch, but this time Bakugames wins. Garagara not only returns the crown but also decides to join Kaki as one of his Pokémon. Garagara develops a rivalry with Bakugames in the process.

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