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House on the Rock

Wednesday gathers the Old Gods in his memory to discuss the New Gods usurping their power, and invites Shadow along for the ride. Sweeney still wants his coin, Laura isn't giving it up, and Mr. World draws on a new resource to target the Old Gods.

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By Gadfly on Mar 10, 2019

On the Black Briar Golf Course, a golfer goes out, carefully checks the green, and prepares to tee off. Technical Boy runs him over in his limo and follows his GPS to his destination. He pulls into the country club's parking garage and parks. Mr. World gets out, his body fluctuating, and has Technical Boy hold a paperclip up to the security camera. The wall opens revealing and an elderly Caretaker comes out and challenges them... until he recognizes World. Technical Boy says that if they take We…

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Episode Discussion

Thomas posted a year ago

Absolutely loved it! It just returned as strong as season 1 was and can't wait for more! Love the soundtrack too!

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