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Saturday Morning Funtime

Armageddon draws nigh, Hastur, discovers the Antichrist isn't who he thought, Crowley dances on the head of an electron, Aziraphale tries to contact God but gets his equivalent of an answering service, and Anathema and Newton fulfill a prophecy.

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By Gadfly on Jun 8, 2019

Captain Vincent of the Morbillo notes in his log that the nation of Atlantis has emerged from the ocean and residents have come aboard to play Quoits with his passengers. Sleeping, Adam hears voices in his head telling him to make it happen, as one of Anathema's magazines about Atlantis lies nearby The next day, Them are in the woods and talk about Adam's theories on aliens. Adam says that the government hushes up the aliens' message of global peace and harmony, and Pepper warns him that a…

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Zlogorek posted a year ago


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