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Robot Holocaust

Clayton and Larry present Chapter 9 of Robot Men from the Moon. When the film breaks, they cut to the main movie, Robot Holocaust, a 1987 movie which features a band of adventurers wandering an apocalyptic wasteland and a series of basements battling the robot Dark One and his incomprehensibly accented assistant Valeria.

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By Gadfly on May 19, 2019

In the opening, Joel explains the concept of the show and then sings a blues song about how he's a "hu-man", using the phrase from Robot Monster. In the invention exchange, Joel demonstrates a Monster Truck "funny pipe", for when you want to smoke during Monster Truck rallies when smoking isn't permitted. Clayton has Larry demonstrate their ski mask with remote-control moveable features so that robbers can be more expressive. Then Joel and the bots have to sit through chapter nine of the intermi…

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