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Contains Graphic Designer Violence Recap

At an apartment, a graphic designer is working up Perry Mayoral campaigns on his computer. A black-clad man across the street eventually assembles a rifle. He then goes to the door and clubs the designer to death.

The next day, Pritkin calls Jay and Angie in. Angie isn't there, and Jay admits that she's late again. Pritkin explains that cops go through a phase in their life where they feel that nothing they do helps, and gives Jay a copy of a book to read on the topic. Angie comes in and Pritkin tells them that they're assigned to the murder of the graphic designer. Angie complains about how they find killers, go through the motions, and let them off. Pritkin isn't impressed and tells them to get to the crime scene.

Jay and Angie get to the designer's apartment and Jay suggests that they go out for drinks later. Angie begs off and they go inside. Monica says that the designer's name is Sebastian Elsworth. Danny has checked Sebastian's computer and confirmed that he's an upstanding guy and worked for the Perry campaign. There was an angry back-and-forth between Sebastian and Alistair Cook, who owns a local microbrewery. Alistair wasn't happy with Sebastian's work and refused to pay him. A depressed Angie asks Jay to cover her and he agrees.

At the microbrewery, Jay talks to Alistair and he explains that Sebastian's labels were terrible. He couldn’t afford a setback like that as a small business owner. Alistair confirms that he was understudying at a rehearsal of Oklahoma, and tells Jay that he'll get him a playbill to confirm his alibi.

Later at the station, Jay tells Angie that Alistair's story checks out. He realizes that she's drinking, but Angie insists that she's the luckiest girl in the world. Jay brings in the trombone player, Sousa, and has Danny back him up. Sousa says that he was at home with his trombone, Todd, and Sebastian drove him insane with his graphic designing 24/7. He says that he wouldn’t have damaged his trombone by hitting Sebastian with it. Jay and Danny tell Pritkin what little that they've found, and Monica comes in with a rifle. She says that a tech found it in a dumpster next to Sebastian's apartment building. Blood and hair matches the victim, and someone checked it out of Evidence the day before: Angie.

Jay goes to Angie's apartment and lets himself in when she doesn't answer. Angie is leaving with a packet ticket and a plane ticket, and Jay asks if she killed Sebastian. He warns that they have an open-and-shut case against her, and asks for an explanation. Angie refuses to explain and says that he'll figure it out eventually, and Jay arrests her.

As Jay leads Angie out, Abigail Liukin from IA, Danny, and Pritkin arrive. Pritkin warns Angie that they can't help her, and Danny says that Angie is still his girl. At the station, Abigail tells Angie that they've got her and it will be satisfying to put her away.

In Pritkin's office, Jay, Pritkin, and Danny wonder what to do. After having pizza, Jay figures that someone is framing Angie and she's going along with it. He says that he and Danny will find out who really killed Sebastian, and they realizes that it's personal for them. Jay goes back to the crime scene and realizes what rooftop the killer was on. He checks the rooftop and finds a discarded set of rifle-assembling instructions. Jay takes it to Monica, and she admits that she thought that with Angie out of the way she and Jay had a shot. She wishes that for once Jay looked at her the way he does at Angie, and he obliges. The fingerprints belong to Pepper, who is listed as dead.

Jay searches Angie's apartment and finds a case board leading to Perry and Diane. He realizes that Angie is going to hook up with Diane in prison, and she's conspiring with Diane and Pepper to kill Perry. Pritkin says that they have an assassination to stop.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 2, 2016

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