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Go Ahead, Fry Me Recap

Rock star Darek Jones with Wasteland leaves the theater of his Go Ahead Fry Me Tour and gets in his car with his girlfriend Lexie. There’s a gift-wrapped present inside, and Darek figures that it’s from his number one fan. Despite Lex’s warning, Darek opens the box... and finds a rattlesnake inside. The rock star laughs while Lexie screams in terror.

Searcher soon arrives in town in response to Lex’s call for help. He goes to a golf club to see Darek, who has already teed off. Searcher drives through the driving range to get there and he convinces them to hold their balls... and then a tractor runs him over. When Searcher finds Darek, his friend Scar is teeing off while Darek, Lexie, and Darek’s manager Ian Drake look on. Lexie explains that she called Searcher, but Ian and Darek dismiss her concerns. Darek tees off and hits Searcher in the groin, and his ball goes into the water. Ian tells Searcher that Lexie is overreacting and some of his fans get carried away.

Darek goes to his card and finds a tarantula in his golf bag. Searcher has him throw away--right onto his face--and assures Darek that he’s on the job.

Soon, Searcher is looking for someone who knows Darek and can get close enough to him. He parks outside of the theater and the marquee falls on him. Inside, Searcher stands guard and Lexie thanks him for coming. When Darek starts rehearsing, a smoke pot goes off. Lexie says that it was a miscue, and Ian apologizes to Darek. The manager insists that it wasn’t his fault but Darek doesn’t want to hear it. Darek assures Lexie that he’s fine, and she says that Darek and Ian fight all the time but have been together since they were kids. They started the band together but Darek made Ian the manager because he was a lousy drummer.

Searcher confronts Ian and reveals that he knows the manager is an ex rock and roller. Ian denies it and tell Searcher to stay out of his way. Once he leaves, Searcher talks to a roadie about the fake electrical chair he’s setting up for Wasteland. The roadie says that it’s part of the big finale when Darek does his big song and gets fake-juiced. Ian had it sent out of repairs and it just came back. Searcher then goes over to the loudspeakers as the band does a sound check... and blasts the clothes off of Searcher.

Later, Searcher checks the electric chair and finds a hidden compartment. There’s a bomb underneath it, and as Searcher takes it in, Ian clubs him over the head with a mike stand.

Later, the band performs and Ian tells Lexie that Searcher quit. She doesn’t believe it but the manager says that he got a better gig.

Searcher wakes up in the trunk of a car. He lights up his cigarette lighter to check his surroundings, and finds a leaky can of gasoline... which promptly blows up.

Inside, the smoke pots go off and the band does the big finale

Searcher tries to get past the security guards but they’re not impressed. He claims that he’s with the band, but they toss him out into a dumpster. Lexie tells the guards to keep an eye out, and they tell him that they tossed Searcher out.

Atop the theater, Searcher searches for a way in. He finds a roof hatch and falls in while looking for a ladder. Searcher lands on the stage, while Darek gets into the electric chair. Disguised as a speaker, Searcher sneaks over while Ian takes out the detonator for the bomb. The manager hits the switch but Searcher pulls Darek away just in time. When Lexie and Ian run over, Searcher says that Ian was responsible. He takes the detonator out of Ian’s pocket. Ian admits that he hates Darek and has ever since Darek threw him out of the band. The manager insists that he made Darek the legend that he is, and Searcher has security take Ian away to get the help he desperately needs.

Darek thanks Searcher for saving his life and offers him anything he wants. Searcher says that a warm thanks from Lexie and cash would be fine. Lexie kisses him and Darek pays up. Once everyone leaves, Searcher takes the stage and plays a discarded guitar... and falls off the stage.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 8, 2016

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