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Mamma Mia Recap

After sex, Sam relaxes in bed with Toni and admits that he didn't see the two of them getting together. When he tries to kiss her, Toni says that they'll get there after another couple of questions. They have some wine and Sam tells Toni about the American Hunters, and she says that the Hunters in the UK kill, while the Men of Letters plot strategy. When she asks him about how he was recruited, Sam says that they can do more than talk.

In Aldrich, Missouri, Castiel searches for Sam and checks in with Dean at the bunker. The angel hasn't found Sam, and Dean suggests that he check real estate offices to see if Toni has purchased any property. As Castiel hangs up, Dean says that he and Mary don't know how to act around each other since she's been resurrected. He worries about not overwhelming her, and Castiel advises him not to overly complicate things. Once Dean hangs up, Mary comes in and Dean explains that he's been going through databases. She overheard what Dean said to Castiel, and asks if he's afraid of overwhelming him. She says that it will take her time to catch up, and wonders how she'll face Sam once they find him. Mary explains that she started everything with Azrael.

After more sex, Toni points out that monsters remain rampant in the U.S. despite the Hunters' efforts. She suggests that some of the Hunters may have been bought off, and Sam remembers Mrs. Watt torturing him. He wakes up and finds himself tied to the chair. Toni is seated nearby and explains that she used potions and spells to induce the hallucination. She admits that she can't do the spell again without killing Sam, and admits that she's a quick study at torture before plunging a knife into Sam.

Dean continues checking the databases through the night. Mary comes in and says that she's been dreaming about the things that John did. Castiel calls and says that he's found a farm that was rented two weeks ago, and it's warded against angels. He texts Dean the address, and Mary insists on going with her son. Dean. He says that he can't do his job if he's worried about her, and Mary tells him that she can handle herself.

Toni wakes up Sam with a bucket of war and says that it's time to start again. She demands the names and location of every Hunter, and the passcodes to every Men of Letters database in the bunker. One of her men, Mick, calls from the SUV where Dean and Castiel dumped Ms. Watt's body. He says that he's come to fetch Toni, and she says that she has Sam. Unimpressed, Mick says that Toni disobeyed orders and Dean killed Ms. Watt.

At a coffee shop in town, Rowena meets with a man, Ben, and claims that she's a ballerina with the Royal Ballet. Ben talks about how he owns a half-dozen steel mills, and Crowley comes over posing as a waitress. They talk privately and Crowley figures that his mother is trying to convince Ben to marry her. Rowena tells him not to muck it up, and Crowley says that he won't if she helps him with Lucifer because he has a score to settle.

In Cleveland, rock star Vince Vincente is finishing his performance on his world tour. Afterward, he goes to his dressing room and pours himself a drink. Tommy and his girlfriend come in and invite him to come with them, but Vince says that he's good. His bandmate says that he has to start living his life, and it's been years since Jen died. He figures that she'd want Vince to move on, but Vince doesn't want to hear it. Once Tommy leaves, Vince looks at a photo of Jen and a wind blows through the room as the lights flicker. The picture falls over on its own and Vince jumps back, startled.

Dean and Mary drive to Aldrich, and Mary says that Dean has to do what she says because she's his mother. She figures that their enemy won't expect her, and Dean figures that she was good at Hunting. Mary points out that no matter how good Hunters are, they all end up the same way. Dean says that after Mary died, the Hunter life took over Jim and he was the same. However, Sam wanted out and Mary is surprised that he came back. Dean explains that they realized the only thing that they had was each other.

Vince goes to his hotel room and rinses off his face. The water turns to blood and when Vince look at his face in the mirror, he gasps in terror. After a moment, the water turns back to blood and Vince realizes that he was hallucinating. The lights flicker and the TV comes on. Jen calls to him from the TV and her photos levitate into the wall and fly at Vince. He slams the door shut and turns to find Jen standing there. She says that swallowing the pills was selfish, and she reminds Vince that he left her so many times. Vince says that all he wants is her, and "Jen" says that they can be together. She says that she's an angel and can take away his pain, if he invites her in. Crying, Vince does so and there's a flash of light.

Rowena casts a spell to locate Lucifer, and complains that she's tired of getting involved with the supernatural and just wants to retire with a man she'll outlive. Her locating spell gets a fix, and Crowley says that he just needs Rowena to put Lucifer back in the cage. Rowena refuses and starts to walk off, and Crowley threatens to tell Ben the truth or just kill her. When Rowena the road by the farmhouse. points out that they can't send Lucifer back to the cage when he's in a vessel, Crowley says that he won't be by the time they're ready.

Dean and Mary meet Castiel on the road by the farmhouse. Dean goes in to take a closer look, and tells Mary that he can handle it. She refuses to stay behind, and Castiel steps forward to ask her to keep him company.

Tommy goes to Vince's apartment and Tommy wonders why he's dressed up. Vince says that he can't make it to rehearsal because he has better plans, and tommy grabs his arm. Vince's eyes glow red and he knocks Tommy back through the doorway into the hallway.

Dean checks the farmhouse, gun drawn, and hears something move. He finds a locked cellar door and there's a flare of golden light. A few minutes later, Toni drags a manacled Dean into the cellar and asks Sam if he can stand seeing Dean tortured.

Lucifer in Vince's body goes to Hell's throne room and finds Crowley waiting for him on the throne. He orders Crowley to get off his throne, but Crowley is unimpressed. He suggests that Vince recall Heaven while he handles Hell, but Lucifer isn't interested. Rowena paralyzes Lucifer with a spell, and Crowley holds up a vial of sulfuric acid. He dumps it on Lucifer's host body, and Lucifer screams in pain.

Toni beats Dean and then points out that he released Benny from Purgatory. When Dean refuses to say anything, she goes back to beating him.

Lucifer screams in agony, and Rowena casts a spell to send Lucifer's essence back to the cage. The spell doesn't work, and Lucifer stands up and heals himself. Crowley quickly teleports away, leaving Rowena behind. Lucifer draws her to him and grabs her by the throat.

Sam tells Dean who Toni is, and Toni comes back. She says that the British Men of Letters have studied the most sensitive parts of the human body, and prepares to torture Dean again. Mary comes in, gun drawn, and tells Toni to get away from her sons. Sam stares at his mother in shock, and Mary knocks Toni to the ground. Toni jumps her, knocking the gun out of her hand, and smashes Mary back. As they fight, Dean manages to work out of his manacles, grabs the gun, and fires it into the hand. Toni casts a spell and chokes Mary, and warns Dean that if he shoots her then Mary has no chance. Dean hands the gun over but then punches Toni unconscious, ending the spell. Mick and Castiel come in and Mick congratulates the Winchesters.

As Toni recovers consciousness, Mick explains that part of their group expects malfeasance among the American Hunters. He admits that Toni went too far and apologizes, and says that she'll face consequences in London. When Dean suggests that they leave Toni to them, Mick says that she's there's. Mick asks why they should believe any of it, and Mick says that if he meant them harm then he could have taken them all prisoner. He also powered down the wards so Castiel could come in. He gives Castiel his number and invites them to consider his offer.

After letting Mick leave with Toni, the Winchesters go back to the bunker and Mary orders takeout. Sam stares at her, and Mary wonders if they're buying Mick's story. Her son insists that they shouldn't, and Mary suggests that they should "call" the Internet.

In Hell, Lucifer retakes his throne and tells Rowena that he just wanted to snap her neck. However, he frees her and decides that he's decided to spare her. Rowena promises that she'll stay far away from Lucifer, but Lucifer says that she'd be more valuable as a prisoner before teleporting her away.

Sam brings Mary tea and offers to be there if she wants to talk about coming back from the dead. She wants to find out about everything that happened to them growing up, and Sam offers her John's journal to fill in the blanks. Smiling, Mary thanks him for the gift and asks Sam why he's there after he got out of hunting. Sam tells her that it's his family, and hunting is what they do. He then says that just having Mary there fills in the biggest blank. Touched, his mother hugs him.

In the kitchen, Dean drinks bear and looks at photos of Mary before she died.

Mary reads John's journal.

Sam lies on his bed and stares at the ceiling fan.

Mick drives Toni to the airport and reminds her that her job was to identify American Hunters and gain their trust. Toni insists that she's just getting started, and they need to destroy every obstacle including the Winchesters. Mick finally says that he's prepared for that and he's already sent for Mr. ketch.

In London, Mr. Ketch packs his cases full of weapons.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 21, 2016

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