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Supergirl Lives Recap

A group of jewel thieves are driving away and open fire on Supergirl with missile launches as she closes on them. They score a hit but Supergirl shrugs it off and takes out their van with her heat vision. Two of the robbers run off and Guardian cuts off their escape. He blocks one man's knife attack with his shield, and the other one runs away. Guardian tells the waiting Winn in the van to do something, and Winn slams the van door into the robber's face. However, the man recovers and prepares to shoot Winn... and Guardian knocks him out from behind.

Supergirl returns to the DEO and complains that Guardian picked up the stragglers. She tells Alex that Guardian is starting to get on her nerves, but Alex figures that something more is going on. Supergirl finally admits that she's in a funk because things have been too easy for her recently. Alex tells her to go home and celebrate, but says that she can't join her foster sister because she has plans. Supergirl tells her to be with her girlfriend.

The next day, Maggie is making coffee at Alex's apartment when Maggie comes out and says that it's amazing that she's there. Maggie tells her to get used to being happy and they kiss, and then realizes that she's late for work. Alex wishes that they could be together in the apartment forever, but Maggie suggests that they start with one morning.

Snapper arrives at work and Kara says that she has an inside look at the previous evening's jewel thief. James comes over and says that Guardian was instrumental in stopping the robbery, and Kara dismisses the vigilante's involvement. Snapper doesn't want to hear them bicker, and James leaves his story with the senior reporter. A woman--Regina Williams--comes in and says that she needs their help. Snapper and Kara meet with Regina, who says that her daughter Izzy left after a fight and never came home. When Regina breaks into tear, Kara gets her some Kleenex and promises that they'll find Izzy. Once Regina leaves, Snapper tells Kara that teenage runaways are not news and they have more important stories to cover.

Kara goes to the bar and discovers that Mon-El is working there. He invites Kara to talk, and she talks about Izzy. She vows to find the girl, and Mon-El warns her that if she goes looking for trouble then she'll find it. Kara then meets with Maggie who responded to her call, and Maggie gives her the missing-persons report. She says that they've had a spike in missing persons in the last few weeks, and there's nothing to connect the appearances.

A doctor brings a patient in to a large chamber and says that there were problems with his blood work. Two men take the patient away, and Roulette comes in and says that she's always glad to help.

At the DEO, Kara asks Winn to check links between the missing person. She realizes that he has a black eye and Winn claims that he was mugged. Alex comes over and Kara notices that she's clearly in love. Her foster sister explains that Maggie slept over, and Winn says that they all had blood work done a few days before they disappeared. Kara tells Alex that she'll deal with it and goes back to work.

As Kara works the case, Mon-El comes in and says that he took a break. He offers to help her look for Izzy and Kara reluctantly agrees. They go to Yyy's office and pretend that they're married, and claim that they're trying to raise cash for a trip. Yyy says that they're running a trial on a supplement and need to do some blood work. Kara says that they can't give blood because of their religion, and Yyy says that they can get by without it.

Yyy takes Kara and Mon-El to the chamber and says that he has a recruited but she didn't tell him to expect anyone. Kara claims that Izzy is a friend and she hasn't heard from her, and Yyy reveals a teleportation gate. He activates it and transforms into an alien, and the two men attack Mon-El and Kara. They knock the men out, and Yyy jumps through the portal. Kara tells Mon-El to tell the DEO what's going on and have a strike team follow them, and goes through to get Izzy.

Supergirl arrives on an alien planet and Yyy and another alien come at her. She knocks them out but injures her hand, and realizes that she's on a planet with a red sun... negating her powers. Mon-el comes through and knocks out one of the aliens when they recover, and says that he came to help her. Supergirl reminds Mon-El that they lose their powers under a red sun, and the teleportation gate shuts down.

Mon-El works on the control panel but can' get it to work. Kara insists on finding the missing people and points out that she didn't tell Mon-El to come there. They hear a troop transport going by and see it approaching a red fortress. Supergirl insists on going there over Mon-El objections, and he reluctantly follows her.

James finds Winn in the DEO locker room, and invites him to come along on a case. Winn angrily points out that he almost got killed and pounds the locker in frustration, and says that he can't go out with Vigilante again. Alex comes in and asks if they heard from Kara, and asks Winn to text her the details.

Supergirl and Mon-El approach the fortress and Supergirl talks about the trips that her parents took her to alien planets. Mon-El steps into a leg trap and Supergirl can't get him free. An alien arrives with a gun to capture them.

Alex and the strike team break into Yyy's office and Hank recognizes the gate as a transmatter portal. They realize that Kara isn't on Earth.

The alien, Jo Gunraf, makes camp for the night and cooks food. Supergirl asks if he's seen Izzy, and Jo says that they took Izzy to the Red Fortress and sell carbon life forms like animals. When he tells them that they're on Maldoria, Mon-El recognizes it as Slavers Moon. He tells Supergirl that they have to leave, and Jo warns that the Fortress is bad and there's no way out or in.

A short time later, Supergirl and Mon-El surrender to Yyy and the other slavers. The slavers lock them in a force field containing the other prisoners. Izzy is among them, and Supergirl explains that Regina is looking for her. The heroine warns that she doesn't have her powers on the planet, but promises to help them. Roulette comes in

Winn tracks the ionization trail of the portal to the Arcturus system. Hank realizes that it's Maldoria, the heart of intergalactic slave trade, and tells the others about the planet's red sun. Alex blames herself for not going with Supergirl, and Hank says that he can't join the rescue mission because the planet's atmosphere is toxic to Martians. Maggie comes in and says that Alex wasn't returning her messages, and Alex explains what is happening. She blames herself because she was too busy with her own happiness, and tells Maggie that she has to go. Shocked and hurt, Maggie leaves.

Roulette says that after Supergirl dismantled her club, she took the opportunity to expand the slavers' market and take human trafficking to the next level. The Maldorians pay her in blood diamonds, which have no value to her. The doctor escorts a Dominiator in and Roulette tells the prisoners that they've been sold.

Hank gives Alex a device and warns that they only had time to make one. Winn works out how to open the portal, and Alex says that he wants his hands at the controls. Winn refuses and walks away, and Alex goes after him. He explains that he was trying to help Guardian and almost got killed. Alex says that she and Kara both need him, and nobody gets better by running way.

As Supergirl reassures the prisoners, Mon-El wonders how she can be so optimistic, and Supergirl says that heroes fight rather than hide in a bar. He insists that he's being smart, not hiding, and Supergirl insists that heroes never give in and that's the difference between them. The doctor drops the field and says that it's time to go, and Supergirl refuses to budge. One of the slavers hits her with a taser, and knocks Mon-El aside when he tries to intervene. The aliens keep hitting Supergirl, who still refuses to move.

Inspired, the humans finally attack, taking out the guards. They lock up the doctor and Roulette in the force field cell, and the prisoners head for the exit.

Alex and her team come through, and Alex tells Winn to figure out how to dial back. She then leaves him while she and he team go looking for Supergirl. They find the fortress and break in, taking out the slavers.

Supergirl and the other prisoners run out, and Mon-El grabs a gun and provides cover fire. A slaver and a Dominator catch up to them, but the Dominator stops the alien and says that Mon-El is not to be harmed. The Dominator bows to Mon-El, who runs to join the others. They run into Alex and her squad.

Winn is working on opening the portal when a slaver attacks him. As he prepares to shoot, Winn grabs a rock and knocks the slaver out. Supergirl and the others run up and Winn gets the portal going. Everyone goes through except for Supergirl and her friends. One slaver prepares to shoot them, but Jo shoots him in return for them rescuing him. Supergirl agrees just as a large spaceship arrives. A slaver grabs Izzy and Supergirl goes after the girl. Alex tosses the device toward her foster sister, and it explodes in a burst of yellow sunlight. With her powers restored, Supergirl heat-rays the alien ship, blasting it apart. The slaver lets Izzy go and runs off, and they get through the portal. When they return to Earth, Supergirl destroys the control panel.

The next day at CatCo, Kara reunited Izzy with Regina. Mother and daughter hug, and Kara goes to Snapper's office. She drops the story on his desk and says that it's big, but Snapper still isn't impressed. Kara says that she'd rather be wrong about a dozen leads than not follow the ones she believe sin, and promises that she'll always follow her heart. Once leaves, Snapper says, "Atta girl, Danvers."

Winn visits James and tells him to forget what he said. He explains that he visited an alien planet and boasts that he protects the stars, and walks out.

That night, Alex invites Maggie to her place and insists that she's ready for a relationship. She explains how she feels that the universe doesn't want her to be happy, and she's always felt the weight of the world on her. Every time she did anything for herself, it ended badly. Maggie has figured out that Supergirl is Kara, and Alex says that she's glad Maggie knows because she doesn't want there to be any secrets between them. When Maggie asks if things will be different the next time, Alex insists that it will be and she just wants to be happy. Maggie gives her the one and they hug.

Mon-El visits Kara, who says that she feels amazing since saving the prisoners. He admits that he was wrong about getting involved, and he wants to be worth admiring. Mon-el tells Kara that he's decided to be a superhero like Kara and do something. Kara warns him that it's a heavy responsibilities and Mon-El wants to prove that he was spared for a reason. She admits that he was less doofus and more gallant during their adventure.

On Slavers Moon, the doctor meets with two aliens. They show him a hologram of Mon-El, and he says that he went to Earth. They then kill the doctor once they have their answer.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 26, 2017

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