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The British Invasion Recap

Outside London, England

At the Kendricks Academy, two students Timothy and Mick come in and the headmistress, Mrs. Rourke, comes down the hallway and tells them to come with her. Rourke leads them to her office and they notice a plastic sheet on the floor. She tells them that they have conquered all of the trials at the academy, and now they'll learn which of them gesso to the next level and become Men of Letters. They need Men who will obey orders without question, and Rourke says that only one of them will leave the room alive. She unwraps a knife on the table, wishes them luck, and leaves. A minute later, Michael walks out and tells Rourke that Timothy fought well. She tells him that the Code demands otherwise…

And Mick jerks awake from his dream.

Sam and Dean drive and Sam Skypes with Eileen. She says that she went back to Idaho to fin Kelly and Dagon, and someone burned down an old warehouse. Eileen signs that she'll look into it figure and signs off, and the brothers return to the bunker. Mick is waiting for them and invites them to have a drink, and reminds them that they said they'd give him a second chance. He explains that the Men picked up a cosmic disturbance, and the Winchesters figure that it was the creation of Lucifer's child. They explain about Lucifer taking the President's body and procreating with Kelly, who is on the run with Dagon. Mick complains that they didn't tell him, and the brothers admit that they don't know where Kelly is now. He insists that they should have aborted the child, and possibly killed Kelly, even though he was messed up after killing the werewolf. Mick admits that it wasn't easy but had to be done, and that they can't let the abomination be born. Sam insists that they're handling it, and Dean says that until then, they should drink.

In his cell, Lucifer contacts Dagon and asks for word of his son. She says that he's doing as well as could be expected, and Kelly will last as long as needed. Lucifer tells Dagon not to fail him again.

Mick sleeps and remembers.

Timothy tells Mick that they could run, but Mick remembers what Hess said and apologizes to his friend as he picks up the knife.

Mick wakes up when his cellphone rings. It's Hess, who points out that he didn't check in on schedule. He says that the Winchesters are making some progress, and Rourke tells him that Lady Bevell thinks that the brothers are hopeless. Mick reminds her that the leadership thought that bringing in the Winchesters was critical to swaying the American Hunters to their side, but Hess points out that things have changed now that the nephilim is on the way, and they need the matter handled. The Men are no longer interested on treating the American Hunters nationally. Either they agree to work for the British Men or Mick turns them over to Ketch. When Mick starts to disagree, Hess tells him that it's an order and tells him to assimilate them or eliminate them.

The next morning, Kelly complains of weird little pains. Dagon insists that everything is fine, but Kelly insists that she needed to see a doctor. When her keeper says that they have to go, Kelly refuses to go anywhere until she knows that her baby is safe.

At the bunker, Sam finds Dean passed out in the kitchen. Dean wakes up and admits that Mick can handle his liquor, Sam wonders about Mary, and Mick comes in and says that she's working with Ketch and is fine. He admits that he never knew his mother or father, and the Men recruited him after he picked a member's pocket. He ended up with a cursed Babylonian coin and the Men decided that he showed promised and signed him up. Mick hesitates and then says that he's fine.

Dagon takes Kelly to an obstetrician, Turner, and he assumes Dagon is Kelly's partner. He wants to do a sonogram and Kelly agrees, but Dagon asks if it's necessary. Turner goes ahead but notices something unusual. However, Dagon quickly casts a spell to alter his mind, and he tells Kelly that everything is okay. He asks about the baby's father and both Kelly and Dagon stare at him.

Crowley comes in to taunt Lucifer, tossing a ball on the floor. At first Lucifer ignores him, but then he shuffles over and starts licking the floor. Crowley demands to know what he's doing, and Lucifer finally says that he's giving him submission like he wants. He figures that he's rather be out of the cage than in it, and he concedes that Crowley has won, and then asks what's next.

Ketch calls Mick and gives him a report on his most recent hunt with Mary. Once Ketch hangs up, he pours drinks for him and Mary, and says that he and Mick were in school together. Mary explains that they learned on the job, and then gave it all up because she wanted a normal life. Ketch points out that she has been killing monsters, and figures that she's drawn to danger.

At the HQ, Mick hears someone come in on the elevator. He draws his gun and goes to investigate, and finds Hess' man Rennie Rawlings. Rawlings introduces himself and says that he was the top of his class, and explains that Hess sent him as an extra pair of hands. Mick figures that Rawlings is there to keep an eye on him, and Rawlings assures him that he's there to help. When Mick tells him to stay out of his way, Rawlings says that it's not an option as Mick walks off.

A demon, Dermot, comes to see Turner after hours, draws a knife, and kills him.

Dean calls Castiel and gets his voice mail, and says that they have a line on Dagon and need his help. Meanwhile, Eileen tells Sam that she ran the plates of every house that drove by the warehouse on the night it burned down. She tracked one car to Dermot in Iowa, and learned that he came out of a building carrying a body. Eileen killed him, and tells the Winchesters that Dermot works for Dagon covering her tracks. She got Dagon's phone number out of Dermot before she killed him, and gives it to Sam.

Crowley tells his subjects that he figures some of them will try to help Lucifer because he scares them. He figures that some of them would undermine him because of that, and brings in Lucifer to proclaim that Crowley is the King of Hell. Lucifer says that he's speaking of his own free will, and Crowley has Lucifer tell the demons that there is only one true ruler of Hell and that is Crowley. Lucifer says that if they don't support the one true ruler than they can expect eternal agony. Facing away from Crowley, Lucifer's eyes glow red and he tells them to applaud.

Kelly calls Dagon and tells her that Turner said she needs zinc and iron. Once Dagon hangs up, Sam posing as a man called Oliver calls her and says that Turner would like to see her at his office. He convinces her to come in at 5 pm and hangs up. Sam and Eileen are at a junkyard, and Mick and Rawlings pull up. Mick introduces Rawlings and says that they'll need all the help they can get. Rawlings recognizes Eileen from the files and Mick gives Sam the Colt like he asked.

Kelly goes to the medical clinic and Dean grabs her outside. He takes her to the Impala and drives to the junkyard where the others are waiting. Sam says that they know she's in a difficult situation and they want to help, and Kelly says that she didn't want it to happen and Lucifer used her. However, she loves her child. Mick says that the child will kill them all, and Rawlings starts to draw his gun. Dean stops him and a wind blows up out of nowhere. Dagon appears and blasts everyone back, and Dean and Mick recover and open fire. Their bullets have no effect, and Dagon knocks them away and goes to Kelly. Eileen grabs the Colt and shoots Dagon, but she teleports away and the bullet hits Rawlings, killing him.

Mick draws his gun and prepares to kill Eileen for killing a Man. He tells the Winchesters that it doesn't matter if it was an accident, and insists that he has to do it. Eileen asks him not to do it, and Mick remembers Timothy asking him the same thing. Sam tells Mick that he's better than the Code and he only has to answer to himself, and after a moment Mick lowers his gun. He tells them to go and they quickly drive off.

Mary has sex with Ketch, and afterward he admits that it was rather unexpected. She asks if he's assuming that it meant something, and Ketch tells her that he's not built for that and figures that she was as well. Mary says that he's wrong, but it was a long time ago. They agree that they're good, and Ketch points out that she chose her work over family ties. Mary tells him that it isn't either/or, and wonders why it has to be one or the other. She wants to have it all, and Ketch congratulates her.

Later, one of the demons comes to see Lucifer in his cell while Crowley is on his rounds. The demon checks Lucifer's body, and assures him that it's sound, and Lucifer tells him that he picked the right side. As for the wards that Crowley placed on the body, the demon hesitates to say that he can disarm them. Lucifer grabs him by the throat and the demon tells him that Crowley killed the ward designer. He says that he can crack the system given time, and Lucifer says that he's about to be a dad.

Eileen and the Winchesters go to the bunker and she admits that she's not okay with killing a human. Sam tells her that it was a mistake and hugs her,

Back at their room, Dagon handcuffs Kelly to the bed and says that she can't be trusted. Kelly insists that she's trying to protect the baby, but Dagon says that she doesn't have to. The baby is strong and will be fine no matter what happens... but Kelly won't. Birthing a Nephilim is always fatal.

Mick returns to the HQ and finds Ketch waiting for him. Hess is there with Ketch and says that the Elders have tasked her with fixing the deteriorating situation. She points out that one of her best men was murdered and Mick let her live, and figures that the Winchesters are out of control. Hess doesn't want to hear Mick's excuses, and says that the Hunters are meant to obey orders. She asks if the American Hunters obey him, and figures that they don't. Hess says that Eileen will be found and killed in accordance with the Code, and the Winchesters will be investigated and if found guilty, executed. Mick points out that a Hunter is always found guilty, and says that he never broke a rule in his life. However, he's learned that the Winchesters have saved lives because of their sense of what's right.

Hess insists that the Code is absolute, and Mick points out that the Code made him kill his best friend. He tells her that he's a man now and can see the choices, and chooses to do the right thing. Ketch shoots Mick in the head and nods to Hess, who nods back.

The next morning at the bunker, Dean tells Sam that he hasn't heard back from Castiel yet. Sam says that Eileen is heading back to Ireland and needs some time, and gives Dean the Colt.

Hess tells Ketch that the grand experiment of recruiting the American Hunters has failed. She tells Ketch to exterminate them all, starting with Dean.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 7, 2017

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