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Lead Horse Back to Stable Recap

The Past

Davos finds Danny outside the Dragon's cave, unconscious on the ground and the dragon brand on his chest. Danny wakes up, his fist glowing, and Davos tells him that Danny passed the Trial of Shao-Lao and is now the Iron Fist. He helps Danny up and says that the people need to meet the Immortal Weapon, and promises to be his second as the protectors of K'un-Lun. Danny tells him that it's not what he thought, and Davos says that Danny has a duty and they'll face it together.


In a restroom, Danny checks the wound in his side and tries to summon the Fist without success. Confused and shaken, he screams in anger and looks at himself in the mirror. Danny goes out to the room in the abandoned warehouse and Davos tells him that once they return to K'un-Lun, Lei Kung can restore Danny's balance and the Fist. He explains that he used the Internet to find Danny in New York, and saw the Hand operatives take Danny from the dojo. Danny insists that they're not going anywhere yet, and explains that the Hand killed his parents. Davos says that Danny has a duty as the Iron Fist and he disappeared, and he can't take on the Hand without the Fist. Danny asks Davos for his help, and promises that he'll go back once the Hand is done because there will be nothing left for him. Davos agrees, and Danny says that he knows someone who can help. He dismisses Colleen as no one important.

Colleen returns to the dojo and Bakuto steps out of the shadows. She says that she went looking for Danny after he was wounded, and Bakuto points out that Danny attacked them first. He says that Danny has been programmed his entire life to hate the Hand, and Colleen says that Danny turned on her when she found out that she was lying--on Bakuto's orders. Bakuto tells Colleen that Danny will never join them now, and that Colleen should tell him where Danny is when she finds him. After a moment, she agrees.

Danny takes Davos to Claire's place and introduces him to her. She removes the spike tip and suggests that Danny use the Fist to heal himself, and Davos is surprised that she knows about it. Danny explains that he can't and Claire has him put pressure on the wound. She then sterilizes a stapler and closes the wound, and Danny tells her that Bakuto stabbed him and Colleen is fine. He asks Davos to check the perimeter, and once he goes Danny tells Claire that Colleen is in the Hand. Danny suggests that Colleen was helping Bakuto against Gao, and the Hand is forming an army in New York. Claire suggests that Colleen may have been brainwashed, but Danny figures that Colleen has been lying to him from the beginning. He insists that he'll defeat the Hand no matter what it takes, and Claire says that what he and Colleen feel about each other is real. Ignoring her, Danny asks if they're done and Claire says that he needs antibiotics but she doesn't have any at the moment. She gives him one of Luke's shirts to wear and Danny says that he needs to refill his chi.

At the penthouse, Harold is beating a punching bag until it breaks. He stares at his fist, surprised, and then finds Joy in the next room at the computer. Harold tells her that she needs some sleep, and Joy is relieved that she's back in control again. The files he got from the tablet show hidden accounts all throughout Rand holdings, and a couple of hours ago it started moving to offshore South American holdings. Harold figures that Bakuto is responsible and it's the silver bullet he's been looking for. He tells Joy that they're going to make the Hand pay with everything that they have Harold asks if they've heard anything from Danny, and Joy says that his phone is dead and she's worrying about Ward. Her father tells her that Ward will come back because he always does.

When Claire comes back, Davos tells her that Danny is on the roof meditating to regain his chi so he can summon the Fist. He explains about Shou-Lao the Undying, and how Danny obtained the Fist from it. Davos points out that Danny is first outsider to be chosen, and wonders if Lei Kung made the wrong choice. Claire insists that Danny is doing good, but Davos notes that Danny abandoned K'un-Lun. He loses his temper at the thought of Danny stealing the Fist from them and then regains control. Claire notes that he locks away his emotions just like Danny does, and Davos says that a weapon doesn't know feelings. He figures that Lei Kung will restore Danny's chi once they return to K'un-Lun, and says that he will make Danny go back if he has to.

The doorbell rings and Claire tells Davos to wait there while she gets the pizza that she ordered. Colleen is there with the pizza, and says that she already paid for it. She realizes that Danny told Colleen what happened, and explains that there are different groups within the Hand and she's with one that is trying to help people. Claire points out that Colleen lied to her and Danny, but then relents and explains that she spent the last hour defending Colleen with Danny, saying that Colleen was a good person. She asks what Colleen will tell Danny if she lets Colleen in.

On the roof, Danny tries to restore his chi without success as he remembers the past.


After facing the Dragon, Davos approaches Danny and asks what he sees. Danny says that he sees his whole future guarding K'un-Lun.


Colleen approaches Danny and assures him that Bakuto isn't with her. He says that Bakuto stabbed him and that Bakuto lied to her about Danny attacking him first. Danny warns that Bakuto is building an army, and Colleen insists that he's empowering the kids to make the world a better place. She insists that the world is more complicated than the monks know, but Danny insists that the Hand is evil and asks why she's there. Colleen says that she wanted to be able to say that she tried to make things right between them, and Danny asks if Bakuto told her to say that. He says that he's the Iron Fist, sworn enemy of the Hand, and Colleen says that she took an oath to serve the Hand. As she walks off, Colleen says that she is sorry for everything.

Davos tries some of Claire's pizza and admits that it's not horrible. Danny comes in and says that they have to go, and explains that he has to get the tablet from China to Harold. Claire warns him that he has to think things through, but Danny only wants to see the Hand destroyed. She asks if he'll go back to K'un-Lun then, and Danny hesitates. Claire asks Davos to give them a minute alone. Once he goes outside, Claire tells Danny that he can do more than destroy. If he doesn't deal with his rage then all he will be good for is destroying. Danny thanks her for everything and asks to borrow her car.

Colleen goes to the hospital where one of Bakuto's students, Becca Yoo, is working. She asks for antibiotics and explains that she can't get them from the compound. Becca warns that she could get in trouble but finally agrees, saying that the Hand always comes first.

Danny takes Davos to the penthouse and Joy says that Harold told her everything. Harold assures her that Danny only lied to her to keep her safe, and now they'll take the fight to the Hand. Danny introduces Davos and Harold explains that they'll draw Bakuto out by shutting off his offshore accounts. Bakuto will come to the penthouse to get his money. Danny and Davos will strike at Bakuto when he leaves the compound. Joy asks if they'll have Bakuto arrested, and Danny says that he has to be killed just like it should have been from the start.

At the hospital, Becca gives Colleen the antibiotics and says that the Hand functions by everyone doing their jobs. Four Hand agents arrive in response to Becca's call. Becca takes the antibiotics back and goes inside, and Colleen's former students Brian and Mary tell Colleen to come with them. Rather than fight them, Colleen agrees.

Harold tells his man Kevin to make sure that no one comes in that they don't know. Joy wonders how long they've known that Harold was alive, and he says that if things go well then his demise won't matter much longer. She's upset that they have to murder people, and her father tells her that they have to do whatever it takes. Joy warns that her turning off the accounts could make everything worse, and Harold finally tells her enough and wonders if he backed the right child. Danny texts to say that he's at the compound, and Harold has Joy shut down the accounts.

Brian and Mary take Colleen to a basement and tie her to a wheelchair. Bakuto arrives and reminds Colleen that he taught her to report to him when she found Danny. Colleen insists that she believe sin the Hand, but he figures that she has let Danny infect her with doubt about their cause. A man arrive and whispers a report to Bakuto, and he tells Colleen that in her final moments she'll still be giving to the Hand. They take her to a lab filled with blood-draining equipment and Mary taunts Colleen. Colleen breaks her nose with her forehead, breaks free, and attacks her former students. She takes down Brian and then Mary.

Danny and Davos park near the compound and as they wait, Danny wonders if maybe Lei Kung was wrong. He explains that he sometimes gets flashes of anger, and they're becoming harder to control. Davos suggests that if Danny followed the path then none of it would be happening, and admits that sometimes anger gets the better of him as well. He explains that he hoped to be the Iron Fist, and asks Danny why he abandoned him. Danny explains that he felt empty ever since the crash, and thought that obtaining the Iron Fist would change that. It didn't, but Danny saw that the way was open and it was a sign. Davos suggests that it was a sign that Danny should stay, and wonders if the real world is worth fighting for. He asks Danny what is keeping him there.

Before Danny can respond, Colleen climbs over the compound wall and runs. Danny goes after her despite Davos' warning, and says that he's not there to hurt her. Colleen tells him to destroy her since she's part of the Hand, and Danny restrains her. She says that the Hand isn't what she thought it was, and he says that they have to stop running and fighting. Danny tells her that they have to stop destroying everything and hugs Colleen as Davos looks on. After a moment, Davos turns and walks away.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 18, 2017

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