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Royal Dragon Recap

At the Royal Dragon Restaurant, the owner Mr. Zhang is saying goodbye to his last few customers. Matt, Jessica, Luke, and Danny come in and figure that they need to stay off the streets. Zhang threatens to call the police, but the group tells him that he can't. Jessica barricades the door, and Matt tells Zhang that they need to make the place look closed for his protection. Matt turns off the lights and Jessica tells Luke that she's not sure if Matt is on their side or not. Luke says that he's just getting back into the world from prison and they'll talk about it later. Jessica explains that she's working a case.

Jessica tells Matt that she and Luke know each other, Danny convinces Zhang to let them stay by paying his rent for the next six months. Matt refuses to remove his makeshift mask and says that there's people he needs to protect. He and Danny explain about the Hand as Zhang and his waiter bring in the food that Zhang required Danny to order as part of the deal. They figure that they've all taken on the Hand, and Matt hastily claims that he doesn't know who Elektra is. He says that he can't be a part of it, but Luke grabs him and says that he doesn't trust him. Luke tells Matt to take off the mask, and Jessica takes Matt off to talk to him privately. She asks why Matt followed him into the building, and says that she knows that he's Daredevil. Jessica warns that the Hand will soon figure out who Matt is, and all she wants to do is crack the case. Matt reluctantly removes the mask and tells the others his name.

Back in her room, Elektra looks at herself and the scars and bullet wounds of her past. Alexandra comes in and tells her that all that matters is how Elektra lives. Elektra wonders if all she is is the Black Sky, and Alexandra tells her that the woman who Elektra used to be was afraid and led astray by men who were afraid of what she was. Now Elektra's vessel is with her, where it belongs. Elektra says that she's the Black Sky and serves the Hand. Together they say that they serve life itself. Alexandra tells Elektra that she's her last hope, and she should remember who brought them back.

The group settles down to eat and Matt tells Luke and Danny that he's Daredevil. Jessica points out that they broke several crimes, and Luke says that there's one cop they can trust. Danny says that the law can't handle it, and Matt warns that fighting them head on will get them all killed. When Danny suggests that they work together, Jessica and Luke refuse. Danny figures that they're meant to be together, just as Stick comes in the back. He tells them that he's the guy who is going to help them save New York.

Murakami is in his apartment gutting a bear when Alexandra comes in. He explains that he got the endangered bear in Japan, and Alexandra says that the organization's resources are depleted. The Hand is close now that the Iron Fist has returned to New York, but admits that they haven't been able to secure him... yet. Murakami asks if the Chaste was extinguished, and Alexandra tells him that Danny has found three exceptional allies. Madame Gao and Sowande have agreed to help, and the fifth is on his way. Alexandra tells Murakami that Elektra is more powerful than he could imagine, and Alexandra will join the fight as well.

Elektra looks at the weapons and Sowande comes in. He asks if she's a weapon at all after her recent failure. She easily takes out his bodyguards and tells Sowande to keep asking.

Stick explains that his organization calls themselves the Chaste, and they're the only reason the Hand hasn't won already. They follow the elders of K'un-Lun and the Iron Fist, but now they're all dead except for Stick. Stick came there because Danny is still a dumbass. He breaks Danny's phone and when he says that he called Colleen, Stick warns that the Hand will use personal ties to end them. Matt tells the others that he knows Stick and nothing is sacred with him. Stick warns that the entire city is in danger now, and the Hand has destroyed cities before. The only thing stopping them is the four of them.

When Jessica starts to leave, Hand tells her to shut up and sit down. She walks out anyway and Luke goes after her. He figures that people will get hurt no matter how weird the rest of it sounds. Jessica says that she just wants answers for her client, and isn't interested in whatever makes Luke so concerned about other people. Luke tells her that it was good seeing her and to be careful.

Back inside, Matt figures that Jessica isn't coming back. He figures that Jessica has her life and it's hers. Stick explains that he trained Matt to fight a wall, but he became a costumed vigilante instead. He tells Danny that Matt has retired, but they have a lot to learn from each other. Luke comes in and says that it isn't Jessica's fate, and Stick warns that soon or later it will be everyone's fight. Danny and Luke both say that it won't be, and Luke demands to know everything that they need to know.-

Alexandra's servants help her put on her dress, and she dismisses them. Clutching at her side in pain, Alexandra takes some pills, She then makes a call and says that there's been a change of plans and she won't be there.

Jessica goes to her office and checks the Hall of Records information. She checks the signatures on the papers and realizes that they were all made by the same person.

Stick explains that millennia ago, the elders of K'un-Lun gathered to study how to harness their chi to heal. Five heretics wanted immortality wanted to use the energy for immortality, not healing. The elders banished them from K'un-Lun and they became the five fingers of the Hand. Alexandra has led them since the beginning, and each finger has ruled over it's own domain. Gao is one of them, and Sowande is an African warlord and gunrunner. Bakuto was one of them and he's dead. The last one is Murakami, the most secretive of the fingers and the one who used Nobu. Matt wonders why Stick is there, and Danny points out that Stick has given him more information. The lawyer figures that Stick wants something and tells Danny to stop acting like a kid. Danny takes offense and Matt warns that the Hand doesn't give their opponents second chances. He wonders if they'll make it worse by getting involved.

Jessica visits Michelle and tell her that John got into something weird. She says that she'll work on getting them some protection, and Michelle says that some guy has parked outside and said that he was a cop. The man didn't show her a badge, and Jessica tells her to stay away from the windows while she takes care of it. She walks past the car and down the street.

Danny eats to recharge his chi and tells Luke that they make a good team. Luke warns him not to get used to it, and insists that he's just trying to help Harlem. Danny figures that they walk the same path, but Luke tells him that once they fix the current situation then their path comes to an end.

Stick goes over to Matt and says that he's glad Matt found others. He figures that Matt crossed paths with Elektra, and it's the only reason Matt is there. Stick tells Matt that Elektra is someone else now, and Matt admits that he couldn't hear her heartbeat. The old man warns Matt that they can't help Elektra, and they made her forget her former life when they brought her back. Matt says that she hesitated when she had the chance to kill him, but Stick warns him that the entity inside of Elektra's body will have to die. Both men hear someone outside.

Jessica circles back and yanks the fake cop out of the car. He attacks her with a knife and she soon takes him down and tells him that Michelle and Lexi aren't a threat to the Hand. Jessica makes it clear that he's to leave them alone and the man spits at her. Someone speaks over his radio in Chinese, and Jessica slams the man's head against the windshield to force him to talk.

Danny gets Zhang and the waiter into the back, and joins the others watching the van outside. Matt hears people cocking guns inside the van, but doesn't know if Elektra is there. Stick realizes that Alexandra is there, and they turn to face her where she's seated at a table. She tells Danny that she didn't try to kill him, and suggests that he consider some alternatives to taking down the Hand given that he's failed consistently.

Stick asks what Alexandra wants, and she insists that she wants to bring life where there is death. She warns Danny that the others will disappointed him, and the more connection he has the easier it will be to break him. Alexandra offers to conduct a culling, or spare them if Danny comes with her. Stick tells Danny that if he walks with Alexandra then he'll take Danny out himself. Danny refuses Alexandra's offer and Luke tells her to leave. Alexandra tells Stick that they're just like him--violent.

Elektra smashes down the door and comes in, and Alexandra tells her to serve life. She walks to the side, and the four men prepare to fight. Jessica throws the man's van through the front window and slams it into Elektra, then walks in, joins the others, and asked who missed her as Elektra prepares to fight them all.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 23, 2017

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