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The Suicide Hour Recap

Brady parks outside of the city center and remembers the night of the massacre. He unbuttons his pants and masturbates to the memories of people dying.

Bill returns home and Ida is working on the bushes in her front lawn. She briefly greets Bill and he notices the difference. He asks if something is wrong, and she says that nothing is wrong with her. Bill comes over and compliments her hair, and wonders if he’s stepped in shit. Once he goes inside, Bill hears the turntable playing the end of a record and realizes that someone broke in. He draws his gun and searches the place but finds no one, but the back door is open and the intruder cut up an apple and sprinkled cinnamon on it. Bill checks the surveillance footage and notes a ten minute gap of erased footage just before 5 a.m.

Brady drives to the store and remembers the past.

As Brady escorts Olivia out, she uses the fob to open her Mercedes. Brady secretly captures the frequency

Brady goes inside and Lou tells him that Ryan died when he was hit by a truck the previous night. She says that she had a fantasy that Ryan was dead and it came true. Brady laughingly dismisses it, figuring that a lot of people wished bad shit on Ryan. He admits that he did, and suggests that the truck driver murdered Ryan. Lou isn’t convinced, pointing out that bad things happened to Rob and Ryan after she wished bad stuff on them. Rob comes in and tells Brady to come with him for a ride into Brady’s future.

Bill meets Jerome at the diner and tells him that Mr. Mercedes was in his house. Jerome suggests that it was Ida, and Bill insists that it wasn’t her. The teenager says that videos can be erased and can’t be recovered, and explains about the cloud. He points out that Bill doesn’t always see straight, but Bill insists that the killer was there.

Rob takes Brady to where the Supreme Electronix booth will be at the art center. He wants someone to take his place as floor manager at the current store, and figures that Brady can do it even if he’s a little strange. Rob insists that it’s Brady’s opportunity number, and he wants him to meet with corporate. Brady is surprised that Rob is being nice to him, and Rob insists that he’s not being nice to him. He asks if Brady is ready for the opportunity, and Brady says that he thinks that he is.

Bill meets Marlo, who gives him the information on the break-ins. Marlo explains that the person who broke into the cars didn’t steal anything, and just drove the cars around and moved personal belongings around. Bill tells his friend that someone is trying to fuck with him, and Marlo says that he’ll keep looking around. As Bill goes, Marlo asks if Mr. Mercedes is gearing up for another run and Bill figures that he might just come at him.

Brady mixes up the poison that he bought with hamburger Deb comes in and Brady claims that he’s making a few hamburger patties for a BBQ at work. She notices the bottle of rat poison and Brady tells her that the rats are back. Deb says that they don’t get to spend much time together. Brady tells her that he may be getting a promotion to store manager, and Deb tells him that he works too hard and she’s going to take him on a vacation.

Bill is at the tavern going over the files Marlo gave him. The intruder left apples in several of the cars. Janey calls Bill and says that her mother is having one of her good days and suggests that Bill talk to her while he can. He goes to Sunny Acres and as they wait, Janey tells Bill to talk to Allie. The nurse brings Elizabeth in and she recognizes Janey. Janey introduces Bill, who questions Elizabeth about Olivia. Elizabeth says that Olivia started to change after her Mercedes was used in the massacre, and she talked to “Gerald” at the Blue Umbrella site. Gerald told Olivia that they had the same demons, and Elizabeth refuses to tell Bill what they were. She says that Gerald killed the people but he told Olivia that they did it together and live wasn’t worth living anymore. Elizabeth told Olivia to stop talking to him, but by then she was delusional and had to go with him… and then she killed herself.

Elizabeth says that she tried to do her best for Olivia, and then remembers that Bill is one of the “bullies” who hounded Olivia. Olivia said that Bill set her up at the precinct and called the press, and the whole town hated her after that. An orderly comes over and tries to calm Elizabeth down, and wheels her out. Once they’re alone, Janey wonders why Bill treated Olivia the way he did. She figures that Bill was frustrated that he couldn’t find Mr. Mercedes so he blamed Olivia. Bill finally admits that he set Olivia up and that they wrote “killer cunt” on Olivia’s building. Angry, Janey walks away.

Brady drives to the Robinson house and parks nearby. Barbara walks down the street with Jerome and her friend Tina, discussing the upcoming gala. Meanwhile, Brady gets out to toss Odell the poisoned hamburger. He sees the teenagers coming, gets back in his car, and drives away before the see him.

Bill goes to Janey’s apartment and agrees with what she accused him of earlier. He admits that he was wrong to do it, and says that they need to work together to catch Mr. Mercedes. Janey closes the door in his face.

Brady drives home and finds the fire department outside and smoke coming out the door. He hides the poisoned hamburger and goes over, and Fire Marshal Duncan has him unlock the door. The smoke is coming from food burning on the oven, and Deb has passed out. Duncan tells him that it’s the third time that they’ve been called out and they’re fining him. Deb wakes up and Brady tells her what happened. She tells the marshals that it’s her fault, and Brady storms off.

That night, Bill goes outside with a drink and finally calls Allie, getting her voice mail. He asks her to call him, saying that they need to talk, and then hangs up. Bill sees Ida watching him from her window and waves to her, and she closes the drape. Jerome arrives and gives Bill a digital camera that can’t be hacked. When Bill tells him that it’s not safe there, Jerome tells him about the car parked by his house. He didn’t see enough to provide a useful description. Bill admits that he’s a fuck up and thinking about being a fuck up, and refuses to tell Jerome what happened. Getting control of himself, Bill thanks Jerome for the camera but tells him to stay away from him.

Bill goes inside and logs onto the computer. He goes to Blue Umbrella and Brady finally responds. Bill tells him that he’s getting sloppy and figures that he’s trying to get caught. Brady says that he hoped Bill would be better at it, and Bill mockingly apologizes for disappointing him. Bill tells him that it’s the suicide hour and figures that Brady is trying to drive himself to kill himself that just like he did with Olivia. Brady knows that Bill tried to go Allie and that she’s at a rehab center, Bill refuses to rise to the bait, and figures that Brady never went to college and was sexually abused. He dismisses him as nothing special. Brady tells him to pick up the gun and kill himself as Bill starts to get under his skin.

The former detective tells Brady that he’s never felt more alive, and wonders what Brady would do if he killed himself. He taunts Brady about having sex with his mother, and Brady tells him to shut up. Bill figures that he’s right and assures Brady that he isn’t recording their conversation for the police. He figures that he’ll just shoot Brady mano y mano. Brady tells Bill that he’s bored and is just going to kill him, and signs off.

Brady goes up to his bedroom and lies down. Deb comes in and tells him that she’s going to get better. Brady tells her to go away, but Deb lies next to him and fondles his crotch. When he tells her to stop, Deb tells him to make her stop. Brady says that he needs to get up early for his interview, but Deb continues. He finally yells at her to stop and she leaves.

Bill puts on a record.

Deb goes to the bathroom, crying, and throws up.

Brady lies back down.

Bill pours himself another drink.

Deb takes out a hidden bottle of vodka and takes a sip. She then spits it out and pours the rest down the drain.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 8, 2017

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