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Mid-Western Assassin Recap

At a rally, Kai addresses the crowd and leads them in a chant that they are the wall. Someone fires a gun as Ivy looks on, and she sees a man run away. When she tries to go to Kai, Harrison tells her to run. Police arrive and order the shooter to drop the gun, and Ivy looks over. Ally is standing, holding a gun, and drops it when the police tell her to drop it. Kai lies on the stage.


Ally watches as they take Meadow away as she pounds on the window and begs for help. Once they leave, Ally picks up the phone and hangs up on Ivy. She then locks the doors and windows, and Rudy calls. Ally answers and wonders who told him to call her. He says that Ivy called him and said that Ally hung up on her in a state of agitation, and Ally says that she doesn't know who trust anymore. Shye insists that she's not crazy, and that Ivy is involved with conspiracy targeting her. Rudy warns her that the lawyers will use those allegations to take Oz away from Ally, and advises Ally to do nothing that night.

Aly agrees and hangs up, and then grabs a knife and goes over to the Hilton house. \she breaks in and hears two men moaning and grunting. Ally sees Harrison and Samuels having sex, and picks up the keys from their discarded clothing. She then lets herself into the garage and finds Meadow tied up and gagged. Ally cuts her free and takes her out, but as they go Meadow knocks over a tool box. Samuels and Harrison comes out, and Ally sprays Harrison with pepper spray. The two women run to Ally's car and get in, and they drive off.

When Ally rives to the Butchery, the alarms are going off. Meadow asks for a cappuccino, and Ally shuts off the alarm. She says that they need to figure out their next move, and tells Meadow to clean herself up. Ally tells her that she's not going anywhere without Oz, and Meadow doesn't want her to go to the police because the police are part of the cult. She demands an explanation, and Meadow tells her that Ivy is part of the cult. Meadow explains that Ivy has been letting them into the house, and texted us when Ally was a few blocks away. Ivy did it to make Ally crazy, and says that Ivy wasn't thrilled that Ally voted for Jill Stein. Meadow tells her that they had a bunch of projects, like the dead birds. The trucks were water trucks, and they poisoned the birds to make people paranoid and soften them up for the takeover. When Ally says that Ivy doesn't believe in everything, Meadow tells her that if someone did believe in something then there wouldn't be any room for "him".

Beverly is at city hall doing a newscast about the council candidates making their last speeches. Meadow turns on the TV and Meadow explains that Kai paid the protestors to be there.

December 2016

Meadow falls in love with Kai. He admires her sketches, and assures her that it's everything that he ever wanted. Kai tells Meadow that he's asked a lot of her and the dark must prevail to bring forward the light. She helps groom him for his public appearances, and her rage builds until Kai sets her free.

Later, Meadow secretly hears Kai telling Ivy the same thing that he told her. she prepares to leave, and Kai tells her that he needs her. Angry, Meadow tells Kai that she loved him and prepares to go. When Harrison and Samuels stop her, she tells them that they're idiots for believing. She asks Kai how a seat on the council can lead to world domination, and Kai tells Harrison to call the police because something terrible has happened to Meadow.

Samuels and Harrison tie Meadow up and Kai says that no one will notice if she lives or dies. He sends Harrison and Samuels away, and tells Meadow that she's worthless. They dig a hole for her in the back, and Harrison tells Samuels that he has no regrets.


Ally tells Meadow that they'll go to the next town or the FBI. Meadow warns that the only way to stop Kai is to kill her because no one will listen to them.

April 3, 2017: City Council Town Hall Debate

Kai tells the people that change has to happen on the local level. He tells the citizens that DC won't save them, and the monsters are there. A woman, Sally Keffler, calls bullshit and Kai invites her to stand up. Sally says that he's a snake oil salesman, and says that crime is down over the years and they need to find the people responsible for the crimes in the town. She accuses Kai of trying to make people scared, and Kai insists that it's conservative values. Sally tells him that she's seen conservatives and Kai is a reactionary using fear and the fantasy of a time that never was. She dismisses Kai as the flies that the garbage has drawn, and says that they need to haul away the garbage. The people applaud, and Sally declares her candidacy for city council. Kai announces that the deadline has passed, and Sally tells him that she's filing a letter of intent to declare her write-in candidacy. Kai smiles and shakes her hand, Sally says that she'll relieve him of his certainty and his burden.

November 9, 2017: he Day After the Election

Ivy tells Winter that she saw Gary at the polling station, and he cut off his arm so that he could vote for Trump. She figures that the police will come for her, and Winter assures her that she's not going to jail. Winter tells Kai that she has to meet Kai because he can fix anything. They go to Kai, who is watching TV broadcasts of the protests against Trump. He dismisses Winter, holds out his pinky, and tells Ivy that he wants the truth. When she refuses, Kai asks her if she's afraid that the police will find out what she and Winter did to Gary. He says that Gary is in the hospital, and will be back with them soon. Kai asks if Ivy wants Gary to find out who was responsible for what he's lost.

After a moment, Ivy takes Kai's pinkie with hers. He says that he wants the brutal truth, and asks what fills her heart with dread. When she says Trump, Kai tells her to go deeper. Ivy says that she feels dread at the thought of lying in bed with Ally. She describes how she started to hate her when Oz was born. Ivy wanted to give birth to their son, and Ally never let her forget that Ivy couldn't have a baby. Kai tells Ivy that Ally breast-fed Oz to feel more important.

Ivy goes on about Ally's entitled phobias, and the last straw was Ally voting for Jill. Kai says that Ally has sucked away all of Ivy's happiness, but there's hope. He asks if Winter would make Ivy happy, and Ivy says that it would if she could have Oz as well. If she leaves Ally then she'll never get custody. Kai asks if she's considered murder. When Ivy tells him that she doesn't want Oz to go through the trauma, Kai says that they'll have to make sure that no court grants Ally custody.


Ally takes Meadow to Rudy's office and has her wait outside. She tells Rudy to stay with Meadow and talk to her, and Meadow will tell Rudy everything. When Rudy advises her not to give into the fear, Ally tells her to look into her eyes and see if it's fear. She says that she'll be back in two hours and leaves.

Sally is at home when someone knocks on her door. She takes out a gun and asks who it is, and Ally asks to speak to her. Ally insists that she's crazy and doesn't know where else to go, and Sally opens the door. She says that there's a cult in the city and Kai is the leader, and they're the ones responsible for all of the weird things going on. Ally says that Meadow will tell her everything, and Sally asks what Ally's play is. Sally figures what happened when the patriarchy are threatened, She admits that she believes Ally, and says that Kai needs to be stomped and humiliated. Ally thanks her for her belief and explains that they could have a press conference with Meadow.

The clowns break in and Ally runs. Sally aims her gun at them and tells one of them to make a move. One clown grabs her from behind. Ally hides in the bathroom and hears the noise as the clowns tie up Sally. Kai removes his mask and tells sally that she overestimates her ability to control the world. Sally tells him that he's a hiccup in democracy, but Kai tells her that the future will be filled with beautiful idiots that just want to feel. Gary asks to kill Sally, and Kai tells him that they have to send a message that the world she knows is dead. He types on her Facebook pages that she has realized that all of the truths that they know are all bullshit. Kai writes down that the future will be guided by self-interest, self-promotion, and narcissism. He types out that she's killing herself, and then shoots her dead.

A masked Ivy goes to check on Ally. She goes in and looks at Ivy, who is panting with fear. Ally realizes that it's Ivy, and turns and goes with Kai says that they're leaving.

Ally returns to Rudy's office and tells him that she was right about everything and Sally is dead. Rudy tells her that Meadow left after he talked to her.


Rudy questions Ivy about the cult and offers to help her if she's in danger. Meadow gets a text from Kai, and tells Rudy that she's not in danger.


Ally is furious that Rudy let Meadow leave, and he says that he had no choice. He suggests that she check herself into an in-patient program, and Ally figures that he doesn't believe her. After a moment, she curses him and walks out.

The next day, Ally goes to Kai's rally. Kai offers his sympathies to Sally's family, and pledges that he will never desert the people like she did. Ally gets up on a fountain and sees Meadow, and yells to her. meadow walks away and Ally goes after her. She watches as Meadow draws a gun, and yells at her to stop. Meadow shoots a woman in front of Kai, and then shoots Kai in the hip. She then turns and fires into the panicked crowd, and Ally yells at her to stop. Meadow sees Ivy and shoots at her, and Ally grabs the gun. Fighting her, Meadow puts the gun into her mouth and says that it's the face of true love, and kills herself.

The police arrive and find Ally holding the gun. They order her to drop the gun, and she drops to her knees and does so.


Kai tells Meadow that she doesn't exist in the world. He cuts her free and tells her that she's everything. Kai kisses her and says that Meadow is the only one who isn't afraid to see the truth. He admits that she was right earlier and they have to elevate him to the national stage. Meadow is the only one who can do that, and he needs to be assassinated. Kai says that she'll try and fail, and when he recovers he'll be stronger than ever. They have sex and Kai tells her that he's sending her to Ally and tell her the truth. When it comes out of her mouth, the truth will hide in plain sight because nobody will believe what a crazy woman says. Meadow tells him that she's afraid, warning that she'll crack under the pressure, and Kai tells her that it will be their eternal secret. He makes it clear that she understands what he means, and Meadow agrees.


The police cover over Meadow's body and take Ally away. Rudy is among those wounded in the shooting. Ivy gives her statement to the police, and looks at Kai as they take him away... smiling.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 11, 2017

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