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Drink the Kool-Aid Recap

The police find the bodies at Heaven's Gate and discover that their leader convinced them to kill themselves by saying that they were leaving their antiquated flesh shells and enter a coming spaceship. Later, the Federal government went after David Koresh, who talked with God and collected a loyal group of followers. They understand that Koresh knew the secrets to enter Heaven, and he would impregnate all of the women and repopulate the Earth with his divine sperm. The true believers stayed when the government raided their compound, and they let Koresh kill them. Koresh himself killed himself in the end.

Jim Jones coined the phrase "drink the Kool-Aid" and founded the People's Temple. He moved his congregation to Guyana to create a utopia, but a congressman came there to inspect it and tried to destroy the compound. Jones had him killed and then had 918 of his loyal followers drink poisoned Kool-Aid while saying it was a revolutionary act. His men gunned down those who tried to run.

Kai tells his followers that they were great men, and explains that it's easy to get men to kill for someone. Real power is having people loyal enough to kill themselves if asked. One man, Heart Attack, wonders if they're a cult. Kai tells him that all politics is a personality cult, and Speedwagon says that he'd castrate himself if Kai sked him. Their leader says that he wouldn't because men need their balls, and asks if they would make the ultimate sacrifice. They agree and Kai tells them that they are expanding and it will take courage and loyalty to move on. He says that they'll find out what is next at the council meeting on Monday and leaves.

At the council meeting, Kai talks about fake news. He wants to ban the citizens from visiting a list of sites that he provides, and Councilman Perry objects. Kai asks Councilman Moyer for his opinion, and the beaten man hesitantly says that it's a fantastic idea. Everyone votes to run the entire town's Internet through a monitored private server, and all but Perry vote for it. Kai declares that the motion passes and then tells his constituents that he plans to run for U.S. senate in 2018. Perry points out that the Senator up for reelection is a popular incumbent, and Kai says that anything can happen. As Kai leaves, his man Speedwagon says that the women didn't come and Kai tells him that he's not feeling the love.

At home, Ally asks Ivy why she joined a cult. She says that she wanted someone to come in and tell her what to do. It felt good, and Ivy admits that she was angry at her. She figures that if the price for the relief was destroying Ally, then why not. Ally tells her wife that people died because of her, and Ivy wonders how she could have been so stupid and weak. Now Ivy has realized that Kai is a demagogue and a manipulator, and she was leaving when she learned that Ally joined the cult. Ally says that she didn't have a choice and Ivy wouldn't let them talk to their son. She came back for Oz and for their family, and says that if they can escape then she's not leaving Ivy behind.

Winter brings Oz in, and Ivy tells him that it's okay. Ally asks if Oz can give her a hug, and after a moment he does so. She promises that she will never leave Oz again, and it will feel normal before he knows it. Oz agrees and Ally asks him to go upstairs before giving gives him a Twisty the Clown comic. As Oz goes, he tells Ally that he missed her and she tells him that she missed him, too.

Winter apologizes and says that the election made them lose her mind. She thought that all she needed was her family, but then Kai killed Vincent. Winter figures that Kai doesn't care about anyone and they have to run away, and shows Ally a printout of a web page of how to get away from a cult. Ally agrees and says that she will get Oz. Pus Bucket and his men pound on the door, and Ally lets them in. He says that there's an emergency meeting at the Divine Ruler's and tells them to bring Oz.

When they arrive at Kai's house, Beverly finally comes in, slaps Winter, and says that she's going to kill her. The blueshirts pull her off, and Kai says that they need to move beyond internal fighting and reach a new threshold to enter the power space. He takes a pot of Kool-Aid and sets it down in front of everyone, and explains that they need to do something radical. Kai pours out cups of Kool-Aid and Ally says that Kai needs them. Their leader says that the Kool-id is for all of them, and talks about how their bodies are holding them back. He assures everyone that they will come back to life more powerful than they can imagine, and orders everyone to take a cup.

The blueshirts immediately each take a cup, and Kai tells Gary to make sure the women have a drink. One at a time they each take a cup, and Kai tells Pus Bucket to drink. Pus Bucket refuses, saying that he's out of the cult. Gary shoots him dead on Kai's orders, and Kai tells the women to drink. Beverly crouches forward and drinks, and Kai says that the world will be talking about them forever. Ally and Ivy drink, and Winter tells Kai that they said they would always take care of each other. Kai says that she's not doing anything that he wouldn't, and Winter drinks. The blueshirts drink, and Gary, and Kai. He asks if they feel it, and the blueshirts scream that they do. Kai then says that dead people can't vote so he wouldn't kill them. He yells that there was nothing in the Kool-Aid except the proof that they would die for each other.

The next day, Ally and Ivy grab their passports and Oz's birth certificates. Ally tells her wife not to take any suitcases for fear someone is watching. Ivy says that they transferred everything to their checking account so they can drain it as cash, and Ally grabs the garbage bags that they've put their clothes in and goes to the car.

The two women arrive at Oz's school, and Ally goes in to get their son. She runs back a minute later and tells Ivy that Winter picked up Oz thirty minutes ago.

Winter brings Oz to Kai's basement. Kai dismisses her and asks Oz about his daddy. Oz says that he has two mommies but no daddy, and Kai says that it must be hard living with just girls. He invites Oz to play pinky power and reminds Oz that once they make contact he can't lie to him.

Ally and Ivy go to Kai's house and pound on the door. They barge in and Ally slaps Winter, who says that Oz is in the basement. Kai is offering Oz a glass and says that it will make him immortal. Ally slaps it out of Oz's hand, and Oz says that Kai is his father. Kai tells Ally that he was a regular donor at the Braddon clinic, where Ally and Ivy got their sperm. Ivy insists that it isn't possible, and Kai points out that Oz looks more like him than Ivy. He asks if Kai wants to stay, and Oz tells his daddy that he does. Ivy says that it might be a good idea, and it's okay if Oz stays the night. Kai assures her that Oz will be fine, and Ivy tells Ally that they should just go. Ally tells Oz to behave himself and the two women leave.

Once they're outside, Ivy tells Ally that they saved Kai's life. If they had pushed any more than Kai would have killed them all, and now they have a chance.

That night at home, Ally makes dinner and Ivy finds the paperwork about sperm donors. She warns that the information could match up with Kai, and they should go to the clinic to get the photos. Ally calmly figures that Oz is safe as long as Kai thinks that he's Oz's father. She tells Ivy that she was right and there is a way to get Oz back: murder. Ivy warns that it will be dangerous, and Ally tells her to calm down and have dinner. She pours the wine that they had on their honeymoon, and Ivy takes her hand. Ally tells her that they're starting over, and they share a toast. Ivy drinks and then eats, and Ally watches her. She says that it's good, and asks if Ally is eating.

As Ally takes some of the pasta, she says that her first week in the ward she wanted to kill herself. She almost did but then she thought about Ivy and how she left her alone in there without a word or a glimpse of Oz. Ivy says that she was trying to protect their son, and Ally tells her that she pulled herself together and turned her energy to free herself from her phobias. She replace them with revenge on Ivy. Ally reminds Ivy of everything she did to her, and says that she couldn't forgive her. The thought of revenge cured her.

Ivy laughs and tells Ally that she isn't cured. She wishes that she always wanted a strong assertive Ally, but warns that it's a phasing phase and Ally will eventually become a coward again. Ivy tells Ally that she's not afraid of her and tries to get up, but wavers. Ally says that she put arsenic in the wine and pasta. Coughing up blood, Ivy says that Oz will never forgive her, and Ally says that Oz will never forgive Ivy for abandoning him. As Ivy chokes on the floor, Ally tells her that she only wants two things: Oz to herself and watching Ivy die.

Jim Jones encourages his followers to rink the Kool-Aid, and finally drinks it himself. Jesus and his angels appear and bring Jones back to life. They high-five and Jesus returns to Heaven. Jones then brings his followers back to life.

Kai finishes by telling his blueshirts that Jones gave his followers eternal love. Oz says that it isn't true and that Wikipedia says that Jones died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound,. Kai tells him that Wikipedia is fake news and he's the source of ultimate truth. He asks Oz if he understands, and points out that the families of the dead are trying to bury the people they lost. Kai stomps on Oz's phone and tells him that doubters get no cookies, and tells one of his men to put Oz in timeout.

Ally arrives at the house and says that she's there to pick up Oz. Speedwagon tells her that Kai must have left with him, and Ally ells him that to have Kai come to her house for dinner that night and she's making Manwiches.

Next, Ally goes to the clinic and asks to see a photo of her donor. The receptionist says that there's nothing she can do, and Ally tells her that her son's life depends on it. She begs the receptionist to help her, and the receptionist gives Ally the file. There's a photo of the donor... and it isn't Kai. Ally tells the receptionist that there's something else she's going to do for her.

That night, Kai arrives at Ally's kitchen and says that he's been dreaming of her cooking all week. She asks if Oz has been behaving himself. Kai says that Oz talks a lot, and Ally admits that sometimes he's a precocious little fucker. She says that she came up with the name Ozymandias: King of Kings. Kai tells her that Oz is crying out for discipline, and Ally says that he's lucky to have Kai as a role model. She gives him a Manwich and watches as he eats.

Kai asks where Ivy is, and Ally says that she killed her. Kai admits that he had Ally all wrong, and Ally explains that she poisoned her. He asks how it felt to watch her die, and Ally tells him that it felt fantastic. She says that she got the evidence that Kai is Oz's father, and slides the file across the table to him. There's a photo of Kai, and Ally tells Kai that he was an easy person to choose and she hit the genetic jackpot. Kai says that he spoke it into existence and they made a messiah baby, and Ally insists that Oz is destined for greatness just like his father.

Ally and Kai take Ivy's corpse to his parents' bedroom and leave her on the floor. He sprinkles lime on Ivy's corpse to preserve it and they walk out. Winter is waiting with Oz, and Ally hugs her son. Kai says that now they can be a real family and hugs both of them.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 1, 2017

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