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Girls Night Out Recap

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Ralph shows off his stretching ability while Barry, Carlos, and Harry try to trace DeVoe. Felicity comes in with balloons for the bachelorette party and points out that they don't have security. She sees Ralph and Barry explains who he is. Felicity quickly leaves to meet up with the women.

Caitlin is setting up an appointment with Ferris Air when Iris and Felicity come in. They assure her that it will be a quiet get-together, and Caitlin tries to beg off, saying that she's not feeling up to it.

That night at the West house, Joanie and Cecile look at an ultrasound of Cecile's baby. The guys arrive to celebrate with Joe, and Joanie congratulates Barry. Cecile says that iris promised that there would be any drinking, and Joanie sys that she has other plans. Cisco shows baby film of Barry, including a bit of a Young Barry and Iris getting mock-married. As they watch, Joe looks at the ultrasound. Ralph arrives, assuming that they wanted him to figure out where they were meeting. Barry points out that he wasn't invited, and explains that it's his bachelor party. When he hears what their plan are for a steak dinner, he says that he knows an all-you-can-eat steak place, and insists on them going.

The women go to a restaurant and share a toast to the future Iris West-Allen. Caitlin drinks Cecile's champagne, and sees Norvok come in. Felicity assumes that he's a stripper, and Norvok tells Caitlin that Amunet Black wants her. Caitlin refuses to go with him, and Norvok lets his eye fall out and a tentacle grows in its place. Felicity and iris hit him, but he knocks them back with the tentacle. Caitlin turns into Killer Frost and blasts him out the window. She complains about what Caitlin is wearing and then drinks some champagne.

Ralph takes the guys to a strip club, the Golden Booty, and Barry warns that it isn't his speed. A woman greets Ralph by name, and Ralph points out a photo of himself mounted as a VIP. The bouncer tells them the rules, and Cisco tells Barry that he brought his special concoction to let him get drunk even with his superspeed metabolism. They share a toast and miss a call from the women.

The women go to S.T.A.R. Labs and Killer Frost tells them that Caitlin was going out of town because she got into something she couldn't handle. As Killer Frost changes clothing, the others go into the next room and Iris explains that Killer Frost isn't a supervillain anymore. Cecile insists that Killer Frost is still dangerous, but Iris refuses to abandon their teammate and Felicity and Cecile insist on going with her. Felicity goes to track Killer Frost via satellite while Iris calls the guys again.

Ralph is busy stealing singles, while a drunken Barry tells everyone that he's Flash. Joe goes over and takes Barry back to the table. Ralph tells them to focus on the dancers, and the next one that comes out is Joanie.

Killer Frost goes to a techno club and frosts the hand of one man who tries to touch her. Amunet greets her and says that she's her favorite. Killer Frost says that she's out, and Amunet tells her to come along and see something that can make them rich.

Iris, Felicity, and Cecile arrive and Iris warns that they're on their own. A guy offers them a glowing drink, and Iris notices that everyone else is drinking it. Iris spots Amunet and Killer Frost going into the back.

In the back, Amunet shows Killer Frost a chained-up man, a meta who she calls the Weeper. Amunet says that love is in the air, kicks Weeper, and takes a bit of his glowing tear rom his eye. The woman says that the tears are a drug, and they hook anyone who tastes them. Amunet needs Killer Frost for protection, and offers her 10%. Killer Frost is bored and refuses, and Amunet tells her that she has the power in the room. She gestures at a bucket full of metal pieces, and Killer Frost prepares to blast her.

Iris comes in and says that she's trying to stop a meta-fight from destroying the club. She tells Killer Frost to go, and after a moment Killer Frost backs down and goes with her. Amunet tells Norvok to let Killer Frost think that she can walk away.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Killer Frost explains that Caitlin found out that Amunet had tech that let her stay in charge. Amunet sold it to her but Killer Frost had to be her muscle. Killer Frost didn't kill anyone, and she is awake while Caitlin sleeps. She isn't interested in what Amunet is planning, but Iris figures that Weeper is one of the new metas. Killer Frost warns that Amunet is too powerful, but Iris figures that they should rescue Weeper, has Cecile gather information on Amunet, and tells Felicity to pull up blueprints on the club.

Joe talks to Joanie and says that she's writing a book on the female experience. She wants to show the world that a powerful, strong woman can wear anything. Barry is sad and Cisco asks why. His friend says that he loves chicken wings.

Iris asks Killer Frost where she's going to go, and Killer Frost says that she knows a guy who can breach her to another world. When Killer Frost warns her not to stop her, Iris says that there's a part of Killer Frost that is good and she doesn't know how to accept it. She figures that Killer Frost is just as scared of being Caitlin as Caitlin is of being afraid of Killer Frost.

Joanie admits that she hasn't told Cecile what she's doing. Barry tries to discuss Titanic, and Cisco admits that he doesn't know when the drink wears off. A stripper comes over and complains that Ralph stole money from him. The bouncer smashes Ralph's picture, and Ralph attacks him. Joe yells for everyone to stop and gets knocked down.

Killer Frost is expecting the breacher, and Amunet arrives instead and attacks Killer Frost with her metal control powers. Killer Frost fights back and is wounded, and Amunet reminds her that she owes her her life. She beats Killer Frost, and Killer Frost reverts to Caitlin before passing out. The police arrive and order Amunet to surrender, and she kills them. When she turns back, she discovers that Caitlin is gone.

Caitlin goes back to the lab and Iris offers to help her with her wound. Once Caitlin agrees, Iris stitches up the wound and Caitlin asks if Killer Frost hurt anyone. She admits that the cure didn't work all the way, and warns that Killer Frost is getting stronger. Iris tells her that she can always come back to her friends, and she could have talked to her. When Iris says that they're friends, Caitlin points out that they're just work friends.

Barry and the others get arrested and tosses in a cell, and Barry is busy vomiting. He asks Joe why he seems preoccupied, and Joe says that he's worried about being a dad again when he's almost 50. Barry assures him that he'll be fine, and points out that Joe raised Barry, Iris, and Wally by himself. Now he has a family, and they'll be there for him just like he was there for him. Harry arrives and bails out the others, and they quickly leave.

Felicity analyzes the tears and confirms that it's like a love drug. Caitlin says that Amunet manipulates an amica alloy, and Felicity scans the city for it. They find Amunet heading for an industrial area, and Caitlin tells the others that she can't go with them because if she loses control then she'll be a liability. Iris tells her that they've got it and the three women leave.

Amunet meets with her buyer while Iris, Cecile, and Felicity move in with Cisco's weapon. Weeper is in a van and Amunet beats him to produce a sample for her client. Satisfied, he prepares to take him. Meanwhile, the client's men capture Iris and Felicity. They take the women over to Amunet. Cecile is monitoring and sees what happens.

Caitlin arrives and tells Amunet that if she lets her friends go then she'll work for her. Unimpressed, Amunet tells her men to kill her. Caitlin unleashes a blast of ice and reverts to Killer Frost, and Amunet attacks her. Killer Frost creates an ice shield to stop the metal, and her men move in shooting. Felicity and Iris realize that there's an industrial magnet there, and they tell Cecile to turn it on via the computer while Killer Frost breaks down her shield and blasts the shooters back. Amunet prepares to blast them, and Cecile turns on the magnet and draws away Amunet's metal. Killer Frost creates an icicle and prepares to kill her, but Iris tells Caitlin to stop. She warns Killer Frost that she can decide who she is, and Killer Frost drops the icicle and tells Amunet to get out. Amunet promises to ruin something for her someday, and runs off. Iris frees Weeper and he runs off. Cecile arrives and tells them that the police are on the way, and Iris says that they girls handled it.

The guys arrive at S.T.A.R. Labs and Iris says that everything is fine. They both admit that they had a couple of scrapes, and find Killer Frost waiting for them. She reverts to Caitlin and says that she can explain everything.

Joanie arrives at the West house and finds Joe waiting there. She says that she's going to do what she wants, but admits that she took it too far. Joanie is going to quit and asks Joe if he's going to tell Cecile. Joe says that it's not his secret, but Cecile will listen. Cecile arrives and Joe claims that nothing happened. She says that nothing happened to her, and Joanie asks if she wants to do breakfast in the morning and just talk. Cecile agrees and once Joanie leaves, Cecile talks about their baby, and Joe tells her that she's his everything and they're having a baby. He admits that he's cared, and Cecile says that she's terrified because the baby is changing everything. She figures that all they have to do is love the baby as much as they love each other, and they kiss.

Iris tells Caitlin that the best part of the night was spending the night with the ladies of Team Flash. She then asks if Caitlin would be her maid of honor. Iris says that they're more than work friends, and Caitlin agrees and they hug.

Weeper runs when he hears someone after him. Thinker arrives and says that he went to a lot of trouble creating him, and can't have him running way until Weeper completes the task for which he was born.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 8, 2017

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