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Great Again Recap

2018: Maximum Security Prison, Jackson, MI

Kai asks the guard Gloria Whitmore who she hates the most. She says that she hates the warden, and kai figures that she doesn't like someone telling her what to do. Gloria says that it depends on who is doing the telling, and Kai tells her to open her shirt. Another prisoner, Jimbo, and his bodyguard Freddy come in and Jimbo tells Kai that they need to take a walk. Kai goes willingly with them to the restroom, and Jimbo beats him as they say that Kai's silver tongue is messing with the prison order. Kai get to his feet and asks Jimbo to send a letter to his girlfriend after they kill her. Jimbo agrees and Kai says that it's Jimbo's mother, then attacks him. they fight and Freddy stabs Jimbo in the back. Kai thanks him and Freddy gives him the shank, calling him "Divine Ruler". Kai tells him that it's his ticket out of the prison, and Charles Manson appears to Kai and tells Kai to break the news to Freddy. Considering the matter, Kai tells Freddy that he's a loose end and will be a martyr to the cause. Freddy says that it's an honor and kneels, and Kai cuts his throat.

The next day on the prison yard, a beaten convict Trevor Gerry comes up to where Kai is surrounded by other prisoners. One of them, Scooter, stops Trevor until Kai tells Scooter to let Trevor through. Kai knows who Trevor is and that he's serving 25 years. He says that to survive he's learned everything about everyone. Kai performs the pinky-power ceremony with Trevor, and figures that Trevor needs protection. The leader says that Trevor is a coward, killing a child while drunk and dumping the body in a reservoir. Trevor admits that he's a coward, but will do anything to join Kai's "army". Kai talks about how they wait inside waiting for their chance to strike while women destroy the world. He swears Trevor to absolute loyal, and Trevor does. Kai says that they'll protect him on a probationary basis and that he was sold out by a fucking rat.

Eleven Months Earlier

Kai tries to call Speedwagon but gets no answer. Ally tells him that they're waiting for him, and Kai goes to address his Blueshirts. He tells them that he was only able to find a hundred pregnant women rather than a thousand. Ally has prepared a list of targets, and Butterball got the names. Kai then says that what they're doing requires more finesse than the Family, and demonstrates how to kill both the baby and the mother. Women will rise up and take their fury out on incumbents, and they will surf the electoral bloodbath to the White House. Kai has the Blueshirts practice with knives and watermelons

Ally goes to the kitchen where Beverly is preparing food. Beverly says that she's privileged to be recycling the watermelon into watermelon and feta salad, and then breaks into tears and says that she can't do it anymore. Beverly says that she wanted to be the last person alive, but she just wants to die. She asks Ally to kill her, pointing out that she helped ruin her life, and gives her the knife. Ally tells her that they all did what they had to do and still are. She says that what is happening the next night will be glorious, and assures Beverly that she will refind her faith. Ally tells her to hang on a little longer, just as Kai comes in still trying to call Speedwagon. He figures that Winter ratted him and Speedwagon out before he killed her, and Ally assures him that everything will be fine. She takes him to the next room and hands him a recorder, and says that she found it two days ago, and explains that she was afraid what happened would break his heart.

Two Days Ago

Speedwagon tells Ally that the cops knew that Samuels were dirty. They busted Speedwagon but offered to drop the charges if he infiltrated the gang and found out about Samuels. Ally confirms that Speedwagon is just working for the state police, and Speedwagon figures that Kai will kill him. Once Speedwagon says that the device is a recorder, not a transmitter, she stabs him in the chest.


Ally tells Kai that Winter was innocent and Speedwagon set her up. Kai breaks into tears over killing his sister for nothing, and Ally tells him that he can give Winter's death meaning by finishing what they both started. He should carry out his plan, slap the world out of its stupor, and build the world that Winter wanted.

The next night, Kai has his Blueshirts assemble their kill kit and review their plan. He says that the most important thing is inside them, and asks if they're willing and able to die for the cause. The Blueshirts all cheer in agreement and Kai gives them Vitamin A to fortify themselves. Ally slips out and leaves the house. When a Blueshirt asks what she's doing, Ally says that she's going to get some snacks. However, she goes to a van and tells the waiting FBI assault team to break in. They storm into the house and toss in flash-bangs, and the Blueshirts return fire. Some of them kill themselves rather than be taken alive, others go down fighting. The agents capture Kai alive.

Beverly finds Ally alive and tells her that she was right. As the agents take Kai out, he screams at Ally that she's the rat and promises to kill him.

Later, Ally is running the Butchery with her new girlfriend, Erika. A customer asks to take a picture with Ally, having read about how she escaped from the cult. Ally prefers not to, saying that she's trying to put it all behind her. Beverly comes in and Ally sits down to have a drink with her. The report explains that Kai pled guilty to everything and isn't going to trial. Ally wonders why she cares, and Beverly wonders why Kai didn't turn her in. They took her in the night of the raid, but let her go. Ally points out that she was a black woman in a cult of angry white nationalists, and they thought Beverly was a victim. She told the FBI that she never saw Beverly commit a crime, and suggests that kai waived a trial to avoid the death penalty. Beverly wonders how Ally came out smelling like a rose, and Ally explains that the FBI talked to her when she was in the psych ward. She got immunity instead of acting as an informer, Beverly thinks that Kai killed Ivy, and Ally says that it was difficult watching it happen. She claims that Ivy apologized to her with her last words, and asked her to protect Oz.

When Beverly points out that Kai said that he claimed that Ally killed Ivy, Ally says that it's absurd and claims that she couldn't save Ivy and Oz. Beverly tells her that she believed her, and says that she knows that a lot of spouses would kill their spouse if they were that humiliated. Ally asks how Beverly has been holding up, and Beverly says that she's now a bartender. Erika brings over complimentary appetizers, and Ally introduces her to Beverly. They discuss Oz's upcoming birthday party, and Ally invites Beverly. Once Erika leaves, Ally says that she's living.

The next Saturday, Ally tells Oz to make a wish. Everyone applauds, and the phone rings. Erika answers it and then says that Ally isn't going to do it. She hangs up and tells Ally that Rachel Maddow is still trying to get her onto the show. Erika insists that Ally is a feminist icon, but Ally says that all she wants to be is a soccer mom and a small business owner. Kai calls collect, and Ally steps into the next room to take it. He calls her a fucking liar and says that he got the delivery from Elite Genetics. Ally says that now he can see how over he is because Oz isn't his son. She tells kai that his DNA will rot in prison until he dies, and Kai boasts that he's building an army of real men and once they're out, they will come for him. He hangs u and smashes the phone, and Gloria comes over and tells him to stop destroying government property. Kai tells her that he's ready to go back to his cell, and Gloria calls him "Divine Ruler" and leads him away.

Later, Kai is having sex with Gloria and sees a newscast of Ally giving a press statement that she's running for Senator. Furious, Kai says that it's his Senate seat.

Ally continues campaigning, playing up how she was caught in a cult and had to bury her wife. She finally separated the cult, and she's running to help people escape from the cult of the two-party system. Ally vows to destroy the antiquated system. Beverly tells Ally that the focus group likes her, but only 14% trust her to lead. They see kai when they look at Ally, and Beverly warns that as long as Kai is alive, Ally's tied to him and will always be seen as his victim. She says that in the debate against Jackson, it's Ally's best chance to take him down. Ally agrees and figures that need to give the public a show.

In the laundry room, Kai removes his shirt and Gloria brings Trevor in. Trevor has cut his hair and put on the same tattoos as Kai. When Trevor begs Kai to take him with him, Kai says that they'll both be free and stabs him to death. He reminds Gloria that it was her idea to cut off Trevor's face, and after a moment she kneels to help Kai. Later, Kai dresses as a guard and Gloria escorts him out.

Ally prepares for the debate, and Beverly tells her that Kai was found dead in prison, his face mutilated beyond recognition. She asks if they should go through with it, and Ally figures that they don't have a choice. Blueshirts infiltrate the audience as the debate begins, and Ally says that she's been through hell like their country. When Jackson interrupts, Ally tells him to stop and refuses to be mansplained. Kai stands up and removes his hat, and gives his name. The Blueshirts draw their guns and the audience ducks down.

Kai walks to the stage and tells Kai that she's the spark that started the fire that he built. He knocks Jackson down and talks about how people hate it when their symbols are destroyed. Kai tells Ally that she's a symbol that the fight is winnable. When he kills her, women will see that they can't win. Kai insists that women will always be outsmarted and outnumbered, and pulls the trigger. His gun is empty, and he turns to see Gloria looking at him.


Ally meets with Gloria at the Butchery and tells her that everyone will die in service to Kai's ego. She explains how Kai preys on people's greatest fears and breaks them.


Kai tells Ally to say something. She finally says that he was wrong, and there is something more dangerous in the world than a humiliated man: a nasty woman. Beverly comes up behind Kai and shoots him in the head.

Later, Ally wins the 2018 Senatorial election.

Ally tucks Oz into bed, and she says that they won. He asks if that means she's in charge of her constituents, and Ally tells him that she'll take them to a better world. She wants a world where Oz can be a better man than the ones who came before him, and Oz says that he will be. Ally gives Oz the Twitchy toy while she meets with some powerful friends that will help her bring about the better world. She promises that they're empowered women who want to change the system. Ally tells Oz that she loves him before leaving, then puts on a hood and goes to meet with her friends.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 15, 2017

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