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Episode 2 Recap

Red Tornado moves out of the way of Overkill's attack, and she tries to freeze him with her super-breath. Meanwhile, Black Condor avoids Black Arrow's attacks and Phantom Lady places a darkness sphere on Arrow's head. Dollman jumps onto Arrow's quiver, tosses a net arrow into the air, and Black Condor telekinetically wraps Arrow up in it.

Ray is blasting Blitzkrieg when Overkill drives Red Tornado back to earth and into the nearby river. She then uses her heat vision on Red Tornado's head, ripping off the android's arms. Phantom Lady covers them all in darkness, and a blinded Overkill tries to hit her targets with her heat vision.

While Ray dives into the water to rescue Red Tornado, Black Condor lures Overgirl back into the sky. Red Tornado warns that its failure is imminent and tells Ray to make sure its neural cortex is destroyed so the Nazis don't access the data. The android shuts down and its skull opens, and Ray removes the cortex. Arrow arrives and orders Ray to give him Red Tornado's cortex, and Ray flies off as Arrow opens fire on him.

Overgirl throws a tank at Phantom Lady, Black Condor, and Dollman. Black Condor slices it in half but Blitzkrieg knocks the hero to the ground. He evades Dollman's attacks and knocks the hero down, and Overgirl takes out Phantom Lady before she can blind Blitzkrieg. The four remaining heroes regroup, just as Vibe arrives via a breach and tells the heroes to come with him. Overgirl kills Dollman with her heat vision, and Black Condor tells the others to go while he holds off her, Arrow, and Blitzkrieg. Phantom Lady goes after him, and Reverse-Flash slams into Ray, cutting him in the side with his sword. Ray blasts him back while Overgirl takes out Black Condor and Phantom Lady.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 14, 2018

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