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Far Away Places Recap

Peggy looks for a pack of Choward’s Violet candy as Abe lies in bed. He suggests they see the movie The Naked Prey but she’s too worried about an upcoming Heinz presentation. He blames her for thinking too much about work and storms out of her apartment.

Megan checks in with Peggy at the office until Don pulls Megan aside, announcing that he and Megan are going on an impromptu business trip to a Howard Johnson hotel upstate. He tells Peggy to present the Heinz pitch without them. Stressed, Peggy asks Stan for a cigarette.

In the conference room, Peggy delivers the pitch: “Home is Where the Heinz Is.” The client, Raymond, says the concept is too sentimental and asks if Don signed off on it. Peggy replies that yes, he has, and furthermore, that Raymond likes the idea but doesn’t realize it. “It’s young and it’s beautiful, and no one else is going to figure out how to say that about beans,” she declares. After the presentation, Pete informs Peggy that she’s off the account at the client’s request.

Peggy pours herself a drink then leaves the office to watch a movie. In the movie theater, Peggy accepts a joint from a man nearby. He slides his hand up her leg. She stops him, unbuckles his belt, puts her hand down his pants, and tells him to watch the movie.

Back at the office Peggy sees Ginsberg arguing with his father, who has shown up uninvited. “Who’s this?” the elder Ginsberg asks of Peggy. Peggy introduces herself then Ginsberg ushers his father out.

Peggy lies down on Don’s office couch. Don calls from a phone booth at 8:30PM, waking her. He asks if anyone has called. Puzzled, Peggy apologizes for the Heinz pitch. Don hangs up abruptly.

In their office, Ginsberg tells Peggy that he was reportedly born in a concentration camp, where his mother died, but that he’s actually a Martian. Peggy later calls Abe and asks him to come over. “I always need you,” she says.

The previous morning, Roger stops by Don’s office to propose a debauched business trip to the flagship Howard Johnson hotel in Plattsburg. To Roger’s disappointment, Don says he’ll take Megan instead. “It was a dumb idea,” Roger muses as he watches Don brief Megan.

That night, Roger and Jane attend her psychiatrist’s dinner party. On the way, Roger complains about going but Jane insists the dinner is important to her.

After dinner, the hostess hands out LSD. Roger's hallucinations include a visit from Don and imagining half of the hair on his head has turned black. At home, he and Jane share a bath then lie on the floor, still high on LSD. Together they admit their marriage is over, in part because he doesn’t like her. “I did,” Roger reflects. “I really did.”

The next morning, Roger tells Jane he’s checking into a hotel. “Are you leaving me?” she asks. When she's reminded about the previous night's conversation, she warns him the divorce will be expensive.

Again the previous morning, Roger watches from the hallway as Don briefs Megan about the Howard Johnson trip. Don tells Megan to skip the Heinz presentation so that they can visit the hotel. She hesitates, but eventually acquiesces.

In the car, Megan frets over abandoning her co-workers for the Heinz presentation. Don tells her to stop worrying. “There has to be some advantage” to being his wife, Don adds.

At the hotel restaurant, Megan orders pie for dessert, but Don insists they have orange sherbet instead. He jots down notes for work. “You like to work, but I can’t like to work,” Megan points out. Don tells Megan she should have told him Heinz was so important. “I never got the chance,” Megan replies. The sherbet arrives. Megan says it “tastes like perfume” then shovels it into her mouth when Don suggests she’s trying to embarrass him. They continue arguing until Don storms out. He orders her into the car. She refuses, yelling “Get in the car! Eat ice cream! Leave work! Take off your dress! Yes, master.” Don drives away.

Later, Don returns to the Howard Johnson's and searches for Megan. From a phone booth he calls both Peggy and Megan’s mother but learns nothing.

Flashing back to the ride home from Disneyland, Don drives as Megan reads a map. Sally wakes up in the back seat and asks where they’re going. Don whistles “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles.

Back in the present, Don drives home alone. He finds Megan at the apartment, furious that he left her in the parking lot. She hits him and Don chases her until they fall to the floor. “Every time we fight it just diminishes this a little bit,” she says, crying. “I thought I lost you,” he says and hugs her tightly. She strokes his head.

Don and Megan walk into the office together, sharing a smile as they part.

In the conference room, Cooper tells Don that they disappointed a client because Don let Peggy run the show. “You’ve been on love leave,” Cooper warns. “It’s amazing things are going as well as they are with as little as you are doing.” Roger walks in and announces that it’s going to be a beautiful day.


Written by MichaelDeBoey on Oct 29, 2015

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