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1. Facing Your Demons Recap

In Hong Kong, an injured Harry walks down the street. Blood drips from his hand with the bracelet on it, and he notices two officers walking down the street. Harry ducks into a street market and the officers chase after him. Making his way through the market, Harry notices a crowd of teenagers emerging from a restaurant. He goes inside and runs through the kitchen as more officers close in. Suri is looking for Harry as well and spots him, and runs after him.

Harry runs to the docks and just misses a boat pulling out. He looks at the bracelet, and Suri arrives with the officers. She draws her gun on Harry and says that she told him not to run, and Harry tells her that she knows he didn't do it. Suri places him under arrest for murder.

Four Days Ago

Harry drives across the city in response to Eve's call that someone is there. The intruder knocks out the Asian man with Eve and then sets the man down on a chair. The man grabs Eve's hands, put them around the unconscious man's neck, and forces her to break his neck. As Harry arrives, the intruder pushes past him. Inside, Eve says that she can't do it anymore. She says that the dead man is from Hong Kong and knows about the bracelets, and she called him when Isabella died. He said that he had a warning for them. Eve explains that the intruder made her kill the man, and says that she has to go as the police pull up outside. Harry slips out, goes back to his car, and then goes in with Suri and Steve as they arrive and claims that he was just passing by. Suri explains that there was an emergency report, and the woman with them, new DSI Elsa Gray, greets Harry and says. Xxx knows about Eve and Harry says that he doesn't know what happened.

The next day, the Cis review the dead man's record. His name is Hon Wai, .and Harry arrives as Steve reports that Hon was beaten and his neck broken. Elsa figures that Elsa is a killer, but Harry doesn't figure that Eve is a killer. The DSI wonders why Harry is protecting his informant, and Harry asks if Elsa has a problem with him. Elsa points out that Alistair was killed because of Harry's troubles with Isabella, and Elsa says that Eve went to Hong Kong six hours ago. She promotes Suri to DI and tells her to go to Hong Kong and find Eve. Harry says that he's the only one capable of getting close to Eve, but Suri insists that she can do it. Elsa asks Steve for his opinion, and he ducks the question.

Harry goes to Rich's apartment and tells him that he's going to Hong Kong rather than New York City where Anna and Daisy have moved. When Harry explains that Eve is in Hong Kong, Rich offers to go with him, keep Suri distracted, and then they'll got to NYC. Harry admits that he should go to NYC but can't because of the bracelet, and hopes that he'll find an end to the problems that the bracelet has brought into his life.

When they arrive in Hong Kong, Harry, Suri, and Steve meet with Detective To of the Hong Kong police. Steve speaks fluent Chinese and introduces everyone. He admits that's all the language he knows, and To speaks in English. They take to the streets to find Eve, and To says that she suspects the Triads although Hon isn't a member of any Triad that they know of in Hong Kong. The company that Hon worked for isn't registered and is apparently a front, and To takes them to a restaurant where Lenny Kwan is eating outside. Lenny runs when he sees To, but To easily catches him.

Suri shows Lenny the photos of Hon, including a possible tattoo, and Lenny says that the tattoo represents membership in an organization, "The Light Against Darkness".. To explains that the group, also known as The Torches, is a very old Triad society that hasn't been active in 30 years. Lenny insists that they're asleep, not dead. Suri shows him a photo of Eve, and Lenny claims that he doesn't know her. He warns that they'll kill him if he talks, and Suri threatens to claim that he's an informant. Lenny admits that the Torches are looking for Eve and are handing out a phone number for anyone seeing her to call. Steve is amused that Suri got the information.

That night at the hotel bar, Harry calls Daisy but gets no answer. Suri joins Harry and says that Daisy might not be up yet, and says that she wants the two of them to work together. Harry suggests that something feels wrong and figures that someone else was there. Suri doesn't believe it and says that the tattoo is also a mark on the bracelet. Harry wonders if she was promoted to investigate him, and Suri points out that something always gets in the way of their friendship. Harry considers and then tells Suri the full story of the bracelet, the luck it brings and the cost of the luck. Suri doesn't believe him and walks away. Harry walks by the bar and a man at the bar says that he liked the story.

Elsa calls Suri and says that MI6 has recovered footage from the rooftop cam, letting them place Eve with Isabella just before she died. The DSI also says that the forensics techs found information that Harry was there with Eve when Hon was killed. Elsa tells Suri to do the right thing when the time comes, and until then not let Harry out of her sight. Suri hangs up and turns, and discovers that Harry has left.

On the streets, Harry calls Eve and says that he's in Hong Kong. He says that they need to talk, and Eve tells him to leave the city because it's too dangerous.

The next day, the CIs meet with To. To says that a phone call came in on the number that Lenny gave them, saying that Eve has been seen every day at a teahouse. and asking questions about the corporation. As they leave, To checks her gun and Steve wonders if they're expecting trouble.

At the teahouse, Suri takes command and says that she and To will go in after Eve while Harry and Steve stand watch outside. Harry warns that Eve will bolt if she sees Suri, and Suri reluctantly lets him go in on his own. Inside, Harry finds Eve eating at a table. Outside, a man pulls up on a scooter and exchanges glances with a woman watching the teahouse. The woman has a tattoo of a snake on her hand.

Inside, Harry walks by a man sipping tea and calls to Eve. The man immediately shoots at Eve, hitting her waitress. Eve dives out the window, and the man on the scooter opens fire on her as she runs away. Inside, the shooter, Samuel Blake, calls to Harry by name and says that he's been expecting him. Harry lunges at him and Samuel easily slams him down on a table.

To calls to the man on the scooter, and he and the woman open fire at the detective.

Inside, Samuel easily avoids Harry's blows, then catches his fist.

Steve has To slide him a gun, and he shoots at the man as he drives off on the scooter with the woman.

In the restaurant, Harry realizes that Samuel wants the bracelet and warns that the last time someone tried to take it, it ended badly. He slams Samuel's arm down on a tableside brazier, but Samuel doesn't react. He head-butts Harry, knocking him out.

Later at the station, To and the others review the footage from the teahouse and confirm Samuel's name. He always brings trouble when he comes to Hong Kong, and he's connected with one of the major triads. All of its members have snake tattoos on their hands. A detective calls To out, and Suri tells Harry that Forensics placed him at Eve's apartment. Harry warns that Elsa is using Suri to get at him. Elsa calls Suri and confirms that she's alone.

Harry asks Steve if he thinks that he's a suspect. Steve says that Harry is a good cop but might have lost his way. He goes to the kitchen to wipe off the cut Samuel inflicted on hi, and Rich calls. He says that the police are there searching the flat, and they're saying that Harry murdered Isabella. An officer yanks Rich's phone away, and Harry glances over at Suri... who is looking at the footage Elsa sent her of Harry killing Isabella. Harry texts Eve asking for help, who says that she'll be outside in five minutes.

Suri calls Elsa and says that she's seen the footage. Elsa tells her to arrest Harry, and Suri agrees. She goes back to the conference room and tells Steve that Harry killed Isabella. To arrives and says that she's been instructed to detain Harry. Suri spots Harry leaving and runs after him, startling a detective. She spills coffee on herself and falls back onto a fire alarm, and Harry slips out in the confusion. He removes his badge and gets into Eve's taxi, and they leave. Suri, Steve, and To spot the taxi leaving, and To calls operations to have a spot and check authorized for the taxi. Suri calls Harry and he insists that he didn't kill Isabella. He insists that Isabella killed herself and someone altered the footage, and someone is coming for him. Suri tells him not to make him choose between him and her job, and Harry tells her to catch him if she can. He then hangs up and tosses the phone out the taxi window.

Suri tells To that they need a list of all the business interests that the Torches have, and insists that they're not going to let Harry get away.

Eve tells Harry that she doesn't want to be a Torch anymore, and she asked the organization to take Isabella's bracelet back. They sent Hon to retrieve it, and she explains that Samuel is the one who framed her for Hon's murder. Eve wonders why Samuel doesn't kill them, and says that they need to find the Torches before Samuel finds her. She explains that the waitress gave her an underpass to go to, to meet with the Torches. The taxi arrives there and two men chloroform Harry and Eve.

Later, Harry wakes up on a boat heading out into the bay. Eve is there as well, and the boat arrives at a casino ship in international waters. They're taken aboard and checked with metal detectors for trackers and weapons. They pick up a signal on Harry, but he says that it's his filling. Inside, Madame Cheung is playing a slot machine and complains that it's rigged. She greets Eve, the "last of the Torches", and Eve bows to Cheung. Cheung recognizes Harry as well and asks how the bracelet is working out for him. He plays the slot machine and wins, and Eve realizes that they want to give the bracelets back. Cheung warns that their business isn't complete, and knows that Samuel is hunting them. She warns that Samuel wants to destroy the bracelets, not acquire them.

Samuel takes a boat out to the casino.

Steve asks Suri if she's sure, insisting that Harry is their friend. Suri insists that the footage shows Harry killing Isabella.

Cheung takes Harry and Eve to a shrine in the back, and explains that it's the Temple of the Forge. The tools that were used to make the bracelets in 733 AD are in a case, and Cheung says that the bracelet was forged with the emperor. An extra line was added, giving it the power to control luck. The blacksmith's daughters saw the bracelet as a gift to steer humanity, and became the Torches to fight against the darkness.

Samuel tells the hired men with him that no one gets out alive. As they arrive at the casino, Samuel gives himself an injection.

Cheung says that they have always had enemies: people who saw the bracelets as a blight on humanity. They became zealots.

Samuel makes a gun finger at a casino guard, and his men shoot the man dead. The killer fights his way through the casino, ignoring wounds thanks to the injection he gave himself.

Cheung says that she will take the bracelets from them once she cuts off their heads. She slices at Harry's neck with her hair pin, cutting off a GPS tracer. They realize that Samuel planted it on him at the teahouse after he knocked Harry unconscious. A guard runs in and tells Cheung that they have to go. Cheung refuses to run, and the woman with the tattoo, Mei Wai Lam, comes in and trains her gun on Cheung. The older woman draws her sword cane, and when Mei Wai shoots the guard Eve trips and drops the bracelet. Samuel arrives and says that it's time for him and Harry to talk. Harry says that two years ago he was the worst candidate to be given a lucky bracelet. He says that he's lost his job and his family because of the bracelet, and says that Samuel can take the bracelet if he can take it off of his dead body. Samuel realizes that he can't beat Harry's luck, and nods to Mei Wai. She stabs Cheung, and Samuel shoots the case open.

To tells Suri and Steve where Harry dumped his phone, and shows them all of the Torch's business assets. Most of them were closed down, but a few are accounted for. Suri goes over the photos of Hon and sees that he had a poker chip belonging to the casino. The name on the chip matches the ship's.

Samuel tells Harry that he's there to put Harry out of his misery and has him sit down. He picks up the tools, raises up Harry's wrist, and says that if he adds one more line then everything that's good in Harry's life will turn against him. He uses the tools to add the extra line, and a wave of energy sweeps out from the bracelet. Samuel shoots Harry, hitting him in the chest, and then picks up Eve's bracelet. He prepares to shoot Harry in the head, just as a gas grenade comes in. Steve runs in and tackles Samuel, and Eve attacks Mei Wai and stabs her with Cheung's sword cane. Samuel runs and Harry tells Steve to get him.

Samuel gets to the boat and leaves with Eve's bracelet.

Harry goes to the boat that brought them, taking Cheung and Eve with him. Suri shoots at him, and she tells him not to run as the ship pulls away. To calls for backup as Suri watches Harry leave, then gets into another boat and follows him. She closes in on Harry's boat, and Harry takes the ship past a passing junk. Suri is forced to swing away, and Harry docks at the pier where the taxi is parked. He has Eve take Cheung to safety, and Cheung warns that Harry must keep the second bracelet away from Samuel before he wakes the shadow in Harry. She promises that if Harry does it, she will remove the bracelet.


Harry asks Suri how she knew that he'd be there, and she says that he's always been attracted to the mad shiny ideas. He says that he only has one idea left, tells Suri that they were good together, and then falls back into the bay.

The next morning, divers check the area but find no sign of Harry's body. To and Steve join a watching Suri, and To says that the currents could have taken Harry's body out to sea. Eve has apparently fled inland, and To apologizes for failing to stop them. Suri thanks her for her efforts, and once To leaves Suri tells Steve that he said they were missing something about Harry. Steve figures Harry saw a world most people don't.

An elderly surgeon removes the bullet from Harry's chest as Eve looks on. He refuses opium for the pain, and the surgeon gets the slug out. Once she leaves, Harry tells Eve that they're going back to London to clear his name, find Samuel, and get his family back. Eve wonders what they do if Samuel finds them, and Harry promises that if Samuel wants a war, he'll get one.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 21, 2018

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