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The Dragon Dies at Dawn Recap

Misty tells Joy that she's a worthless piece of shit. Joy demands a lawyer, and Misty asks her where Davos is. When Joy tells Misty to ask Walker, Walker says that she doesn't know and tells Misty to pull her shirt up. Misty finds a scar on Walker's side. The captive says that it was inflicted by a tortured and she knows the difference between an idle threat and the real thing.

Returning to Joy, Misty asks her where she found Walker and why she had her cozy up to Danny. Joy says that it wasn't an act and Walker has DID. Walker said that she could bring Danny in despite her condition, and Joy describes the ancient ritual Davos used to take the Fist from Danny. When asked, Walker says that the tattooing was old-school Yakuza and the Crane Sisters were experts. They work out of a tattoo shop in the Iron Triangle. Misty tells Walker that she has just as reason to fear Davos as anyone, and Joy and Walker insists that they've told her everything that she knows.

Misty tells the others that she's not going to arrest Joy and Walker. Joy is scared of Davos, and Walker will cooperate with them. The officer points out that if she books them then they have to explain what happened to Danny, then the media will get involved. Danny agrees, saying that he's going to find Davos and convince him to stop it. He figures that if Davos wanted him dead, he'd be dead. The others disagree, and Ward threatens to call the police. Misty tells him to do it but warns that the NYPD will kill Davos when he resists. Danny disagrees, and Colleen asks if Misty can arrest Davos once they remove the Fist from him. Misty agrees but wonders how they do it, and Danny and Colleen say that they find the Crane Sisters and have them remove the Fist.

Ward and Misty leave, and Colleen tells Danny to rest and heal up. Meanwhile, Misty tells Ward to stay there and watch Danny, and talk with Joy, while she and Colleen track down the Crane Sisters.

Joy talks with Walker and says that if they cooperate then they might be able to plead out. Walker doesn't believe it and suggests that they escape together. She opens Misty's handcuffs and tells Joy to pull all of the resources she can. When Joy refuses, Walker warns that either Joy will go down with Davos or Davos will come for Joy. Joy points out that Walker suggested that Joy hire her to kill Davos and asks if the option is still available.

Chen Wu waits outside a Triad business, and crosses names off of a list as he hears Davos kill the people inside. Davos comes out and asks who's next, and Chen Wu suggests that they take a break and get something to eat. His new partner isn't interested and they drive off.

Danny tries to meditate as Ward complains about how Joy mislead him, and finally invites Ward to join him. Walker comes in and says that she'll take just Danny to Davos and then take off if he pays her enough. She points out that she could have already escaped if she wanted, and Danny tells Ward that she needs to see Davos. Danny figure that if Davos doesn't want to talk then they'll have Walker help them capture Davos. Walker says that working for Davos was a job and now it's a new job, and she's demonstrated she can take down the Iron Fist. She quotes them a price of $500,000, and Ward tells Danny that he should tell Colleen and Misty. Danny insists that he's got it. Ward asks Walker if she told Joy that he's in AA, and Walker confirms that she did. Walker sits down on the coach and recites Ward's schedule, and says that it's a life of quiet desperation before walking out.

Misty and Colleen stop for meat snacks, and then talk about how Colleen came with her to grab Joy and now to find the Crane Sisters. When Misty asks where Colleen sees herself in five years, Colleen asks her what Misty is going to do if she's promoted to captain. She points out that she killed Bakuto after trusting him, and she was wrong. Misty says that she's met a lot of people who went good and bad, and people change.

Chen Wu drives Davos to a Triad chop shop. Davos goes in and kills the men while Chen Wu turns up the car radio and crosses off more names. A minute later, Davos gets back in the car. BB and two of his gang members are nearby, and run over to check out what happened.

Joy goes out and finds Ward in the main room. As she looks for wine, Ward wonders why Joy backstabbed Danny. Joy points out that Ward tried to have Danny killed, and Danny destroyed everything that they built. She says that she blames Ward, Howard, and the Hand as well, and Ward tells her that he knows that she got shot. Joy tells him that she's glad that she got shot, because she realized that her entire life was a lie and Danny returning opened her eyes to who she needs to be. Ward insists that he was protecting Joy from Howard, and he took out his frustrations on Ward. He describes all of the "accidents" that were actually Howard beating him, and he wanted to tell Joy but never could. Joy says that he didn't do it and walks away.

Danny and Walker go to Walker's apartment and Walker figures that it would be a mistake leaving Danny with Davos. Walker agrees but tells Danny to leave if Davos doesn't listen and let her handle him. Danny asks if she gets off on the mind games of playing him, and Walker says that she must have hit a trigger that brought her alternate Walker to the fore. Danny asks her about the switch, and Walker explains that she switches personalities when her other self is stressed. Danny points out that there are a lot of triggers, and Walker says that once she's done she's moving to Arizona where none of the triggers are. She prepares a syringe with the same drug she used on Danny and tells him that they're going.

Misty and Colleen arrive at the tattoo parlor and go inside. Two of the Sisters, D.K. and Aiko, are finishing up with a customer. Avalon joins them as Misty and Colleen come in, and Misty claims that they want some work done. The Sisters say that they're busy despite the empty parlor, and Misty flashes her badge and says that they're interested in a piece they did for Davos. The Sisters refuse to talk to police, and Colleen suggests that they talk to her. D.K. tells the others that they don't owe Davos anything, and Misty tells them that they inked the wrong person. She says that Davos has killed numerous Triad members and the Sisters are accessories.

The Sisters attack Misty and Colleen and Avalon runs. Misty goes after her while Colleen faces off against D.K. and Aiko.

Outside, Misty clotheslines Avalon as she drives by on her motorcycle and sees the tattoo needles she used on Davos.

Colleen takes down D.K. and Aiko, and Misty brings Avalon in and demands answers.

Danny and Walker go to the factory where Davos took the Fist. He asks her for the syringe, saying that he'll dose Davos himself because he doesn't trust her. Danny wonders why Walker would endanger herself, and admits that he's being paranoid. He figures that she told him about her DID to put him at ease, and asks what her plan is. Walker just laughs.

Mrs. Yang and her men find the chop shop and the dead men, and she tells her men to find the one who killed them.

Joy goes outside and Ward approaches her. He says that he never wanted to hurt her, but Joy isn't impressed by his good intentions. Ward wanted to use AA to find out how to talk to her and change, and asks if she really wants him gone. Joy says that she was going to get out and start her own business, because that was the only way she could come back and try to mend fences. She tells Ward that they have to reunite on her terms, and yells that he put his needs before hers. Exasperated, Joy says that she hurt Danny because she couldn't bear to do it to Ward or Howard. Ward tells her that Howard is dead but is still tearing them apart, and if he succeeds then he wins. Joy figures that it doesn't matter, tells Ward goodbye for good, and leaves.

The Sisters explain about how they burned the skin with the tattoo to make the ink. They describe that the tattoo was of a dragon and they gave Davos a tattoo of a serpent. The Sisters used the needles that Davos provided and performed the ceremony as he requested. Colleen asks if they can do it in reverse, and Aiko says that they need the bowl and the ceremony details. They agree to do what they can rather than go to prison.

The next morning, Chen drives Davos to the factory. Davos says that it reminds him of home, and that there is much to be done. He asks Chen about the gangers follow them, and Chen dismisses them as scavengers and says where they live. Davos says that he's not going to go after them... yet.

Danny asks Walker why she's really there, and figures that she's going to kill Davos. Walker says that Davos is too far gone and neither she nor Joy can be tied to it. Danny tells her that he can set her up in her cabin in Arizona as long as she sticks to the plan, and Walker says that she won't hurt Davos.

The lights come on and Davos comes in. He says that he's doing the work of an Iron Fist, and Danny points out the blood on Davos' face. Davos insists that he's performing justice, and says that he freed Danny from his burden. Danny tells him that he stole the Fist, and Davos tells him that he values nothing because of his privilege. When Danny says that Davos has lost his path and no one will understand what he's doing, Davos refuses to surrender himself to the police. Danny tells him that he hasn't stopped the Triad war, and Davos says that his father lied to them both and put them in opposition. He asks Danny to learn from him and one day fight at his side, and says that he has a righteous cause.

Walker attacks Davos and injects him with the sedative. Davos punches the floor, knocking Danny and Walker away, and Danny attacks him. Walker joins in but Davos knocks them both aside and tells Danny that he crossed the line. Once Danny is down, Davos breaks his leg and then passes out from the drug. Walker helps Danny away, binds his leg, and calls an ambulance.

Colleen and Misty return to the apartment and discover that everyone is gone.

Danny reminds Walker that they had a deal. The ambulance arrives as it starts raining, and the siren and water sounds cause Walker to revert to Mary. The paramedics ask if she's injured as Mary looks at the wounds that Davos inflicted on Mary, and Mary says that she was just out walking in the rain and fell. Danny realizes that Mary is back and tells her to bring Walker back. He tells her to bring Walker back and call Colleen to tell her that they have Davos, but Mary has no idea what he's talking about. She says that Walker can't run away, tells Danny that she didn't mean to hurt him, but she's not going to let Walker rob her of her chance to be happy. Mary goes out and looks at her reflection in a windshield, and wonders what Walker did. She keeps on going as Danny yells at her to come back.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 11, 2018

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