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Church Bells in Bogota Recap

In Bogota, Columbia, reporters gather to cover the return of Federal judge Juan Silvera, who was allegedly taken by part of the private army of Esteban Magdelana, Columbia's most powerful drug baron. The helicopter returns with three men aboard. The men lower a green canvas bag down and the leader, Esteban, tells his men to cut the cord. The bag drops into the plaza and Silvera's family run to the bag. Silvera's corpse is inside and the helicopter departs.

Jim gets his briefing from a race car driver at a track. He's informed that the drug lords in Bogota have declared war on the city. Esteban is the person responsible and has stepped up his campaign of terror by killing Silvera. He controls the flow of heroin into the U.S., and the U.S. military have been unable to extradite him. The team must bring Silvera to the U.S. to stand trial.

At the apartment, Jim tells the team that Esteban is looking for experienced mercenaries to train their men. Max will go in as such a mercenary, and Nicholas and Jim will get to Esteban directly with Jim as a disgruntled former government employee. Esteban's people own the Blue Orchid and the club imports American singers. Shannon will go in as a singer with an extensive background that will withstand scrutiny. Jim explains that the singers are flown to Bogota by private planes, and Shannon assures him that he'll be fine.

At the talent agency in LA, Shannon meets with Esteban's nephew Luis. Luis gets a call and learns that a storm is between LA and Bogota. Luis then calls the airport and tells them to have his plane ready to leave in 30 minutes. He tells Shannon that he has the job and she won't need her passport because they'll take his private plane.

In Bogota, Jim arrives at the abandoned coffee bar that the team is using as a base. Nicholas is meeting with one of Esteban's suppliers. Jim calls Max in the field, who hasn't learned where Esteban is yet.

The plane flies through the storm and Shannon admits that she's nervous about flying. She belts herself in and Luis says that his uncle Esteban wants the plane returned to his private airstrip so they can't land. A lightning bolt hits the wing and the plane goes down, and Luis manages to land in the jungle.

The next day, Max is demonstrating a rocket launcher to Esteban's men when Esteban's man Sanchez arrives. Max demands to see the man who is paying him, and Sanchez gives him the money. Sanchez tells Max that he doesn't meet Esteban and should bring any problems to him. As Max walks away, Sanchez takes a call and says that he's on his way. He takes two men with him and tells Max that Esteban's plane crashed with Luis and Shannon. Max offers to provide some contacts and Sanchez says what hospital they're at but tells him that they don't need help. Once Sanchez leaves, Max calls Jim and tells him about the plane crash and where she is.

Jim and Grant go to the hospital Jim gets a look at the ledger. He steals a doctor's outfit while Grant distracts the nurse. Jim goes into Shannon's room and discovers that she has amnesia and doesn't remember who he or she is. Jim plays along and says that she was injured in a plane crash but will be all right.

Sanchez comes by and picks up Luis, who insists on discharging himself despite the doctor's objections. The doctor explains that Shannon has amnesia, and Luis insists on her coming with them. They go to Shannon's room and Luis assures Shannon that they'll take good care of her. They put her into Esteban's limo while Jim and Grant watch.

When they return to the coffee bar, Jim figures that Shannon's amnesia is psychological rather than physical. Esteban's villa is heavily guarded. Esteban's man calls and says that Esteban will meet with Jim. Grant suggests that they get Esteban and Shannon when Jim goes to the villa.

The next a driver arrives at the estate with flowers for Luis. Luis takes the flowers to Shannon's room and gives them to her, and he tells her to stay and recover. He explains that he checked her background and learned that she has no one to contact. Luis says that she'll remember everything in a day or two, and serves her a meal of fruit. Shannon smiles and eats the fruit, and Luis says that after breakfast they'll get some clothes for her.

Jim meets with Sanchez at the airport, and Sanchez takes him via limo to meet with Esteban. They drive past the villa and Sanchez says that Esteban no longer lives there.

At the dress shop, Luis assures Shannon that she's beautiful as she tries on dresses.

Once they arrive at Esteban's new location, a warehouse, and Sanchez has his men frisk Jim. There are five masked men and only one of them is Esteban. Jim displays his surface heat-seeking missile defense system to all five men, and demands a start-up fee of $500,000. One of the men gives a bag of cash to Sanchez, who gives it to Jim. Sanchez tells Jim that he's to begin his work right away. A truck arrives with Max. Sanchez explains that there are land mines around the place, and armed men everywhere. Max secretly photographs the area and Sanchez admits that Esteban goes to the Blue Orchid at night rather than live in a virtual prison.

At the villa, Luis and Shannon sit on the patio and Luis says that he wants Shannon to meet Esteban at the Blue Orchid that night.

The team review the photos that Max took place, and go to the Blue Orchid to check it out. When they get there that night, Jim spots Luis and Shannon arriving. Grant and Nicholas are inside and watch the couple take a seat. The lights go out and when they come back up, Esteban is seated with his nephew. Grant and Nicholas confirm that he didn't come in through either of the two public entrances. Shannon goes up and sings, seeing Grant but not recognizing him. As she performs, Esteban realizes that Luis is smitten with her. After her set is finished, Grant and Nicholas watch as Shannon and Luis kiss. A bartender turns off the lights and when they come back up, Esteban, Luis, and Shannon are gone without a trace. Grant punches the wall in frustration and Nicholas says that he wants Shannon back just as much as his teammate does.

Later at the villa, Luis tells Shannon that Esteban provides for the poor and sick and Americans label them as extremists. He assures Shannon that she's safe and they kiss.

The next day, Grant gets a plan of the underground utility tunnels beneath the club. Jim says that he's going in to assess the area for his security system. Grant provides him with a scanner that will let him check Shannon and determine if her amnesia is physical or psychological. He also has an eyepiece with video screens and the recording will help speed up Shannon's recall. Jim calls Max and asks him to create a diversion to lure Sanchez away when Sanchez takes Jim to the villa.

At the club, Shannon is rehearsing when Luis comes in. Once she finishes, Luis applauds and gives Shannon an engagement ring. Shannon accepts and Luis says that he loves her and asks her to wear the ring until she can decide if she loves him. They return to the villa and Luis drops Shannon off and says that he'll be back in two hours.

Sanchez brings Jim to the villa and he spots Luis leaving. Jim reviews the security procedures with Sanchez and then says that he'll need to take soil samples to mention the heat retention.

Max reviews how to fire the launcher with Esteban's men. He secretly sets it to overheat and when it does, Max calls Sanchez and tells him that one of the men jammed a $40,000 launcher and Sanchez should come and see.

Once Sanchez leaves, Jim enters the villa and finds Shannon. She remembers him as the doctor from the hospital, and Jim says that he wants to do tests that can tell them more about her condition. Jim puts the scanner on her and Grant checks the results. He confirms that there's no neurological damage, and Jim puts on the eyepiece. It shows videos of Shannon celebrating her birthday with her teammates, and Shannon mutters Jim's name as her memories come back. They hug and Jim tells her what happened, and Shannon says that she's involved with Luis. She explains that Luis proposed to her, and Jim figures that they could use the wedding ceremony to flush Esteban out and get him out. He figures that it's asking too much, and Shannon says that she can handle it and tells Jim to set it up. Jim gives her a communicator and says that they'll be in touch. Once Jim leaves, Shannon looks at the engagement ring.

That night, Shannon and Luis share a toast after she agrees to Luis' proposal. She asks him if he would choose wealth or happiness, and Luis says that she has it all. Luis goes to tell Esteban after kissing Shannon.

At the coffee bar, Jim figures that Esteban will come to the church to give away the bride. He says that they'll use the church bells as a signal, and Max assures the team that he can slow down Esteban's men. Jim tells the others to forget about Esteban and get Shannon out if they have to choose. Once Max leaves, Nicholas figures that he can go in as a priest.

Later, the priest is driving to the church and comes to a car across the road. Grant and Nichols approach the men and ask him to get out, and say that they need his car and his clothes. They put a pair of timed handcuffs on the priest and Grant assures him that they will release automatically. The priest says that he understands and blesses them for what they plan to do.

At the villa pool, Sanchez gives Luis the rings. Jim is there as a flower delivery man, and Max is ready to launch a missile at the villa. Grant joins Jim while Nicholas goes in as a priest.

Shannon puts on her wedding dress and looks at a photo of Luis.

Grant brings flowers to the wedding, while Jim calls Shannon and confirms that she's ready. Esteban arrives via helicopter. Nicholas goes to the villa and Sanchez recognizes that he's not the usual priest but figures that the real priest is with the peasants.

Grant climbs up the side of the villa and enters Shannon's room. They hug and then Grant hides as Esteban comes to collect Shannon. He says that Luis is like a son to him and he will never want for anything.

Nicholas tells Luis that he has a few last-minute instructions for Shannon and Esteban, and Luis can't go with him because it's bad luck to see the bride.

Esteban is showing Shannon a photo of Luis as a child when Nicholas arrives. He tranqs Esteban and Grant comes back in while Shannon changes to her regular clothing. Nicholas impersonates Esteban's voice, puts it in a motion-activated tape player, and attaches it to the door. Shannon takes off her ring and looks briefly at her photo of Luis, while Grant and Nicholas lower the unconscious Esteban to the waiting Jim.

When Shannon doesn't show, Luis knocks on the door and hears the pre-programmed voice. He knocks again and the voice repeats, and Luis figures that something is wrong. Luis kicks in the door and realizes that Shannon and his uncle are gone, and Shannon has left the engagement ring behind. He calls in Sanchez, who removes the device from the door. That triggers an alarm that Grant receives as they reach the gates. The guards let Jim through just before Sanchez alerts them. Max takes out the helicopter with the missile launcher and runs to join the others on the road.

The team gets to Esteban's replacement jet and Max takes off. Luis arrives and screams for Shannon. On the plane, Shannon looks at the photo of Luis. Jim asks if she's all right, and Shannon says that she's fine.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 7, 2018

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