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Traitor Recap

Dinah meets with a woman and uses a voodoo doll on her, causing blood to spurt out of her chest. Reaching in, Adina pulls out the woman's heart. Later, she meets with a woman and collects her payment. She assures her client that the woman felt pain and gives her the heart, sealed in a ziploc bag. They go to the kitchen and Adina blends the heart with ingredients. They go to the bedroom where the client's husband is tied to bag, and Adina force-feeds the man to swallow her potion. The husband passes out, and Adina tells the wife that when her husband wakes up, he won't get an erection for anyone but her.

As Dinah leaves, Cordelia approaches her and points out that Marie's death elevated Dinah to the queen of voodoo in New Orleans. Dinah says that it doesn't matter because there's too much poverty among her people and the white people don't typically use voodoo. Cordelia asks for a meeting with Papa Legba, and Dinah demands $100,000 cash.

Bubble McGee stars in A Christmas to Dismember. A husband gives his wife a pair of heels, and she grabs a knife and disembowels him. Their grandchild calls from her room asking if Santa is there, and the wife tells her to go back to bed. The wife then drags the corpse out and comes back to clean up the floor. A man dressed Santa Claus arrives at the door, and on the news a report plays about the Decapitation Killer escaping from a nearby asylum and is dressed as Santa Claus. "Santa" drops down the chimney, draws a knife, and the wife gets her grandchild out the window. The killer breaks down the door and advances on his victim.

The director calls cut as the killer breaks into a coughing fit. A crew member helps Bubbles--Evie-- to the crafts table. Evie hears a crew member's thoughts and insults him. As he walks off, Madison comes in and they snark at each other. Evie tells Madison that she's why she left the coven, and also to further her acting craft. Madison tells Evie that she's been summoned because they face an apocalypse situation.

Later, Evie and Madison meet with Myrtle at a restaurant. Evie reads the waiter's thoughts and flirts with him. Once he leaves, Myrtle tells Madison that Evie can read souls and that's why they need her. Evie explains that they were young friends at the academy and Evie taught Myrtle fellatio. Madison and Myrtle explain the situation with Michael and the warlocks, and Myrtle invites Evie to come to diner at Hawthorne and read Ariel's mind to learn his true intentions. Evie agrees once Myrtle subtlety threatens to reveal her true age.

After Cordelia pays the $100,000, Dinah warns her that any deal with Papa Legba can be dangerous. Dinah casts the spell to summon Legba, and the loa appears. Legba asks if she's reconsidered his offer, but Dinah refuses to consider his immortality. He knows about Michael and the Apocalypse, and Cordelia asks him to open the gates to the underworld and then she will lure Michael through them. Legba says that he would put himself at great risk, and Cordelia tells him to name his price. He brings out Xxx, who assures Cordelia that she likes Hell and Legba is nice to her. Legba wants Cordelia to give him all of her girls in return for the coup she's asking him to perform. Cordelia refuses and offers her soul, but Legba says that it isn't enough and refuses to negotiate. He leaves with Nan, and Cordelia asks Dinah what else she can offer. Dinah tells Cordelia that Legba won't make a deal and Cordelia refused him, and now six billion people will die.

Later at Hawthorne, Mallory asks the other witches about Michael. Zoe explains that the new Supreme rises when the old one dies. Coco comes in and says that she discovered a new power. She concentrates and determines how many calories a muffin has. Zoe figures that her powers are growing, and Mallory congratulates Coco. Coco says that she could really help people with her powers, and analyzes the food on the dinner table. Queenie fist-bumps her, and when Coco eats a Snowball she starts choking and then dies. Mallory slices open Coco's throat with her fingernail, removes the piece of Snowball, heals the wound, and Coco comes back to life. Zoe and Queenie have never seen anything like what Coco did.

As the witches go upstairs, they pass a weakened Cordelia. Zoe sees her condition and comes back to help Cordelia to her room. Cordelia says that it's happening faster than she expected and Michael is destroying them starting with her. Zoe says that there might be someone there who will be ready, and suggests that Mallory is the next Supreme.

Myrtle plays the harpsichord for Evie until Ariel and Baldwin comes in. When they wonder why they were invited, Myrtle says that they’ve prepared a dinner for Ariel as an apology for insulting him earlier. Evie steps up and says that she has prepared the meal, and Myrtle tells Ariel that she wants to show him her loyalty and they can be the example that unites their covens.

Ariel agrees and they eat. Baldwin says that Michael has gone to the wilderness to be alone, and Myrtle offers Ariel a drink. He accepts and Evie listens to the warlocks' thoughts. Ariel thinks that he's glad John Henry is dead, and is glad to see all of the witches eventually dead. Myrtle says that it's getting late, and the two warlocks excuse themselves. Evie tells Myrtle that the warlocks murdered one of their own and plan to murder all of the witches, and Myrtle says that they'll tell Cordelia and strike back together.

Later, the witches gather for dinner and Mallory isn't comfortable with the fact that she will replace Cordelia. Cordelia says that it's the way of things and there are most tests to be passed, and tells everyone to drink up. Behold is with them and asks how they can celebrate when the Antichrist is around, and Myrtle points out that Behold was one of the people who helped Michael rise to power. Cordelia says that it's true but tonight they're celebrating and she was forced to do something she vowed never to do.

Two Years Before the Apocalypse

Cordelia performs a ritual spell, cutting her palm. As blackness spreads up her arm, Myrtle is brought back from the dead in a burst of fire. Myrtle complains that Cordelia brought her back, but Cordelia says that danger is coming and she doesn't know how to protect her girls.


Cordelia says that now they are united and ready, and it's time to fire the first shot. The witches then go to the gas station where John Henry was killed and cast a spell to bring his ashes back. Cordelia tells Mallory to bring John Henry back to them, and they take the ashes back to Hawthorne so she can cast the resurrection spell. John Henry appears and tells Cordelia, Myrtle, and Behold what he's learned. They explain that the warlocks conspired to kill him, and John Henry tells them about Miriam.

Later, Coco is trying to eat despite her powers when Cordelia visits and asks her to eliminate the traitor that Michael has within the coven. Coco wonders what she can do, but Cordelia asks her to do her part.

Miriam goes to the grocery store and buys meat for her stew. Coco follows her out and taps on the widow of Miriam's car. When Miriam rolls down the window, Coco starts threatening her. Miriam shoots her with a traq dart and says that she's going to boil her. The witches' male albino servants arrive, grab Miriam, and take her and Coco away.

Baldwin shows Ariel a container of poison and says that once the powder is inhaled, the victims bleed out through their pores in a matter of seconds. He blows the powder into Ariel's face, chuckles, and explains that it only kills women. Baldwin boasts that they will use it to destroy the witches, and Cordelia, Myrtle, and their servants come in. Cordelia says that Agnes Sampson created an identical formula in 1590, but she was burned at the stake. When Ariel objects, Cordelia's seals over his and Baldwin's mouths with a spell.

The next day, the Miriam, Ariel, and Baldwin to stakes to be burnt. Cordelia reads the charges to them and explains that because of treaty, no witch may kill a warlock. John Henry comes out and pours the gasoline on Miriam. Miriam says that the fires cleanse her and will cleanse the world, and she bears witness to the darkness. She calls to Satan to take her in his arms and laughs, and John Henry lights the torches that the witches' albinos use to set the three criminals on fire. Miriam dies smiling, and Cordelia turns and walks away.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 25, 2018

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